Building as decking will provide extra space for relaxation in your home. There are two kinds of decking foundation design. One is the flush or ground-level decking, while the other is the elevated or raised decking. While ground-level decking is common, elevated decking is becoming popular. This write-up looks into the top raised composite decking ideas. 

What Is a Raised Decking?

A raised decking is a decking that is lifted above the ground. This decking type has posts that serve as the foundation. The posts lift the decking from the surface of the ground. Elevated composite decking must have rails to protect people from falling. Also, elevated decking must have stairs that connect the decking to the ground.

 This stair will enable you to access the decking from your yard. Unlike ground-level decking, elevated decking can be installed in the centre of your garden or yard. Most homes have a floor plan that is raised above the ground. And have elevated decking install on their sides. Elevated decking is now becoming a standard feature for homes with a raised floor plan. 

Raised or Elevated Decking Ideas

Basic Raised Decking

The basic raised decking is the most common type of composite decking. This type of decking has posts that raised it above the ground, and it is attached to the side of a house. Since most homes are built on uneven surfaces with a multi-level ground layer, the basic raised decking makes it possible for homeowners to enjoy the outdoor view while sitting on their decking. This type of decking has a basic design and is built with posts made of treated wood. 

To build the basic raised decking, all you need are long posts that will serve as the decking foundation. Also, you have to attach one end of the decking to the side of your home. The opposite end will be supported by posts which you will sink into the ground. You will need to add a stair to your decking so that climbing up and down the decking will be easy. The basic elevated decking has a basic design. 

Raised Decking with a Pergola

If you want to be creative, you can add style to your raised decking. Instead of building the basic decking that doesn’t have any design, you can add a pergola to the decking. A pergola is a wooden structure that protects your head from the sun. You can easily build a pergola on a large elevated decking. A pergola and a raised decking will provide the perfect extension for everyday living. 

To build a pergola on the decking, you have to attach the posts or wooden structure to your decking joists. Then you should connect the posts or wooden structure with wooden planks with the roof frame. You will not add a cover to the pergola, just the frame. When it is sunny on your decking, you can cover the roof frame of your pergola with a cloth to protect your head. 

Design the Posts of Your Raised Decking

When building your raised composite, you have to use posts to raise it above the ground. Most homeowners have taken steps to design their decking posts. Instead of using too many posts as the foundation of your raised decking, you can use few posts to support the decking. This kind of posts is large and strong to account for the number of reducing posts. Doing this will leave the underneath of your decking uncluttered and free. You can paint the supporting posts to create a good visual appeal. And you will have the opportunity to plant carpet grass or make use of the underneath of your decking. 

Build a Raised Decking with a View

Top Raised Composite Decking Ideas

Your decking will provide a view of the landscape in front of it. You can take advantage of that view by building a large raised decking. This will give you extra space to add chairs, a table and things like a barbecue grill on the decking. Most homeowners have even created a mini kitchen on their decking and have carved out a dining area. Also, most homeowners have added a gazebo on their raised composite decking to protect them from the sun. 

Double Storey Decking with Lighting

Building a double-storey decking will give you the advantage of using the top decking for your outdoor activity while protecting the decking below from the sun. When you sit under the decking below, the top-level decking will serve as a roof. You can add lighting to the base of the top decking so that it makes the bottom decking visible and create a visual appeal. 


Looking for top raised composite decking ideas? This write-up has highlighted some decking design if you want to build raised composite decking in your home. 

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