Composite decking comes in different type and quality. If you want to build a decking in your home, the best material to use is composite decking. But what are the different type and quality of composite decking available? 

Types of Composite Decking

There are several types of composite decking that you can get in the market. There is grooved and ungrooved composite decking. Also, you can get hollow or solid and capped and uncapped composite decking for your outdoor project. 

Grooved Composite Decking

grooved type and quality of decking

This type of composite decking material has grooved sides. What grooved sides means is that there are hollows or channels on both sides of the composite board. The essence of adding the hollows or channels is for easy installation. 

Grooved composite decking is easy to install, and you can use clips and fasteners instead of clips. The clip will hold the composite board down to the joists at the grooved or hollow sides. The advantage of using clips and fasteners is that when you have finished building your composite decking, you will have a smooth finish.

Ungrooved Composite Decking

ungrooved decking type and quality

Ungrooved composite decking is another type of composite decking that does not have hollows at its sides like the grooved one. The side is smooth or solid with no cavity. Like grooved composite boards, ungrooved composite decking is also easy to install. 

But unlike grooved composite boards, you will not achieve a smooth, uninterrupted finish. The screws that you utilise to fix the decking boards to the joist will appear on its surface. Although you can paint or cover the screw top, it will not look good like grooved decking boards.

Hollow Composite Decking

hollow type of decking

Hollow composite decking has holes or hollow inside the board. The hollow runs from one side of the board to the other side. This type of composite decking is lightweight and easy to carry. The hollows create space within the boards that lift it and move it when you are installing it. Aside from that, hollow composite boards will not add unnecessary weight on your decking.

Solid Composite Decking

This type of composite board doesn’t have hollow within it. Instead, the boards are solid as the traditional wood decking. Unlike hollow boards that are light, solid boards are not lightweight. 

Capped Composite Boards

This type of composite decking is modern decking material. Capped composite boards have an improved surface that is coated with layers of plastic. The essence of coating capped composite decking with plastic is to prevent excess moisture from entering the board. The advantages of capped composite decking are numerous.

Stains and oil will not penetrate it the way they will penetrate timber decking. Also, rainwater will not infiltrate capped composite board like timber. This implies that capped composite boards will not swell or rot. Also, because of its improved surface texture, you can install capped composite boards in an outdoor space or close to a swimming pool. 

Uncapped Composite Boards

Uncapped composite board is the first generation composite decking. Unlike the capped one, uncapped does not have a plastic-coated surface. This makes the first generation of composite decking to take in moisture like timber. That is why the second generation capped composite decking was developed.

Quality of Composite Decking

CompositeWarehouse has different grade or quality of composite decking. One such quality of composite decking is the timeless collection. The decking quality has a longer lifespan than the other type. Aside from that, timeless composite decking has a long-lasting colour than the other types. When you use timeless decking boards, they will last for more than 25 years.

 All through that period, you won’t have to stain or seal your timeless boards. The other type of composite decking is an essential collection. The warranty for CompositeWarehouse essential collection is ten years. Like the timeless collection, the essential collection has a long-lasting colour. Both timeless and essential composite decking has grey, black, anthracite grey, brown, oak colours that makes them beautiful. 

When you want to build decking with a composite board, you can use anyone that you prefer. Most composite boards that are produced today are second-generation boards. So, when you are installing a patio, you should use the plastic coated second-generation composite boards. Whether you use essential or timeless collection is good. Both composite decking type will last longer.


There are different type and quality of composite decking that you can use to build a decking in your back garden. There are grooved, ungrooved, capped, uncapped, and hollow composite boards.

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