There are several ways you can design your decking if you are planning to install one in your garden. Homeowners that are new to composite decking installation are often lost when it comes to design ideas. There are lots of ways homeowners can design their decking to make it attractive. One way is to build an elevated or above ground pool decking. Another wood-plastic decking design idea is to use stone columns for the stairs of the decking. Some homeowners have added glass balusters to the stairs of their composite wood decking. This write-up examines the various composite wood decking designs available for homeowners.

Building an above Ground Pool Decking

An above-ground pool is a type of pool that is raised from the ground. Instead of the common pool design that requires building on a flat surface, the above ground pool is raised from the ground. To design your composite wood decking, you can implement an above ground pool on your decking. To do this, you must build an elevated composite wood decking and then add a pool in the centre of the decking. Most above ground pool decking and elevated decking are attached to the home. 

This is possible if the level of your home is high from the ground. Since climbing down from a high-level home is not easy, you can easily dive into your above ground pool decking. You need to attach a stair to your pool decking so that reaching the ground will be easy. Note that for your composite wood decking to last long, you must install the second generation boards. This kind of plastic wood decking has a plastic-coated top that prevents moisture or water from entering into the decking surface.

Building Elevated Decking with Stairs

Another composite wood decking design is building an elevated decking with stairs attached. An elevated plastic wood decking is raised from the ground by posts that serve as its foundation. Elevated decking can be assessed without stairs easily. So, to make climbing your elevated decking easier, you must attach stairs to the decking. But to achieve beautiful decking, you must attach the right kind of stairs. 

Instead of attaching wood stairs with wooden posts, which is the most common, you can add stone stairs. You can make the stone from any decorative stone products and put the stone in place of the posts. So, with stone stairs, you don’t have to use wooden posts but stone posts. Most decking owners used faux stone to build the skirt of their composite wood decking. So, instead of leaving the plastic wood decking base exposed, you can skirt it with faux stone to make it attractive. 

Add a Kitchen to the Composite Wood Decking 

This idea of adding a kitchen to your plastic wood decking does not mean that you will bring out your kitchen and place everything in it on your decking. You can place your barbecue grill on your plastic wood decking top. Be sure to add a mat under the barbecue grill so that it will not scratch the surface of your wood plastic decking. 

Add a Fire Pit on the Decking

Various Composite Wood Decking Designs

A fire pit on decking is good for warming yourself. Building a fire pit on a decking requires attention because fire can destroy your composite wood decking surface. You can build the closing of your fire pit with a cement block. This will prevent coal or fire sparks from reaching the surface of your plastic wood decking. Another thing you can add to your decking is a simple bar table. A bar table on your composite decking will make it possible for you to relax on your decking with your friends. 

Building a Picture Frame Decking

A picture frame decking has its edges covered with decking boards. Building a picture frame decking is one way you can design your plastic wood decking. Picture frame decking covers the rough edges of your composite wood decking and gives the decking a good look. In addition to a picture frame decking,  you can build a unique wooden stair if you have an elevated composite wood decking. Most homeowners have added glass sides to their plastic wood decking. 


There are various composite wood decking design ideas that homeowners can explore. You can build an above ground pool decking. Or, you can build elevated decking with stone stairs. You can add a firepit on the decking and build a picture frame decking. 

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