Homeowners have long used wood decking because they love the wood look. As dissatisfaction with wood grows, they turn to a better alternative like composite decking and PVC decking. The reasons for turning to PVC and composite decking is clear. They want a rot-resistant, warp-free, and splinter-free decking material that will last long. But both alternatives are not the same. Composite decking contains a mixture of wood and plastic while PVC contains only plastic. This write-up addresses ways in which composite decking is better than PVC decking. 

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite suggests a mix of more than one material. So, composite decking is a mixture of wood fibre and polyethene or plastic. Makers of the decking type process it in a factory where they add bonding agents to the mixture to make it strong. 

What Is PVC Decking?

Like composite decking, PVC decking is a synthetic material, but it contains only plastic without wood. PVC is better than timber decking, and just like composite decking, PVC is made in a factory.

Why Composite Decking Is Better than PVC

Composite Decking Is Better Resistant to Elements

When you install an outdoor decking, you will hope for it to withstand the scorching sun, rain, and other elements of mother nature. Our composite decking boards will hold strong against the sun’s UV rays. Our highly durable composite decking will not grow mould and mildew when you install it in your outdoor space. 

This implies that you can be guaranteed that dampness caused by rain will not cause mould to grow on your composite decking surface. When you compare PVC decking with composite decking, PVC will expand between seasons. That is when the season is hot, PVC decking will increase in size. But when the season is cold, PVC will contract. Aside from that, PVC decking will fade more quickly than composite decking.

When you put an outdoor mat on your PVC decking, the spot will be discoloured. With regards to impacts, PVC is less impact-resistant and will scratch when you drag objects on the surface texture. Putting a rug on composite decking will not fade the surface, and the colour will continue for a long time.

Plastic Decking Can’t Compete with WPC Decking Colour

Attractive composite decking

Both material – PVC decking and composite decking have a colour that is better than wood. Composite decking colour is far better than PVC decking. One interesting thing about composite decking is the matte finish. Matte colour makes composite decking look just like timber decking. 

Why is the matte finish important? Homeowners love wood decking so much because of the traditional wood look. But because of the dissatisfaction resulting from the disadvantages of wood decking, they have to look for alternatives. PVC and composite decking are two alternatives. But the longing for the traditional wood looks persist. What this implies is that homeowners want their new alternative to look like wood decking.

 So, of the two alternatives, only composite decking can be customised to look like wood decking. That is why the matte finish is important. Composite decking has the slick look of wood, not the boring, plastic appearance. Also, it does not just look like wood; it looks like modern wood. Aside from the matte finish, composite boards come in various colours that make them attractive. There are grey, brown, oak, black and lots of other colours you can choose from.

Plastic Decking Can Get Chalky; Composite Decking Will Not

When you install PVC decking, the plastic or vinyl in the decking will oxidise and make your decking look like white and chalky. That is you will have white spots all over your PVC decking. You will notice this effect when you install dark-coloured PVC deckings like dark grey or dark brown. Plastic wood decking will never become chalky like plastic even when you use it for 20 years. 

Plastic Wood Decking Is a more Greener Choice than Plastic

What it infers is that composite decking is more environmentally friendly than plastic decking. This is because makers of composite decking will not cut any tree when making their composite decking. Also, plastic wood decking contains 95% recycled material which is plastic and wood fibre. PVC decking does not contain recycled material but only vinyl.


Ways composite decking is better than PVC. Composite decking is aesthetically pleasing because of its matte finish and long-lasting colour. Also, composite decking does not get chalky like PVC decking.

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