Concrete paving is good for flooring outdoor. But if you want an attractive backyard or back garden, concrete is not an option. That is why homeowners are considering several alternatives to concrete. One such alternative to concrete paving is decking. Homeowners are using decking for flooring their garden. If you want beautiful decking, you have to be selective when choosing one. This is because there are different types of decking available. Composite decking and wood decking are examples of decking material that you can install in your garden. They are better alternatives to concrete paving.

Why You Should Pave or Deck Your Outdoor Space

Paving or decking your outdoor space with concrete paving or decking it with wood or composite decking is one way you can beautify it. If you have a back garden and add value to it, you can give it good paving. Another reason homeowners deck or pave their garden or backyard is for landscaping. 

The essence of landscaping your backyard is to make it levelled. This means that erosion will not destroy your garden. Also, you will be able to channel running water when you install decking or paving in your garden. So with decking or paving, you will have a well level and an attractive outdoor space. 

But homeowners are increasingly using one type of outdoor flooring material. Note that both paving and decking can be considered outdoor flooring. So, if you have a garden, which one should you use?

Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is made from concrete. This implies that homeowners mix cement with gravel and sand to make concrete. When the mixture is strong, they can start using it to pave their garden. Note that after mixing the mixture, they have to shape different form and size to form paving.

Concrete paving

 Some can be shaped in the form of a triangle, while others can be shaped in the form of a star. Concrete paving is strong, and it is very durable. That is why homeowners are increasingly using it to pave their back garden. The advantages of concrete paving are numerous. You can use your paving for a long time, and it will not get destroyed. Aside from that, you can walk on your concrete paving without fearing that it will collapse under its weight.

 Also, concrete paving is good for the outdoor. This implies that water or weather will not destroy your concrete paving easily. The paving also has its backsides. The concrete is not attractive except you want to paint it. Aside from that, if your concrete paving is exposed to excess heat, it will crack eventually. Cracked paving will be less attractive to look at. 

That is why homeowners are becoming dissatisfied with their concrete paving. And why homeowners are looking for other options for concrete paving. There are lots of other options for paving that you can use. There are wood and composite decking. And there is plastic or PVC decking that homeowners are exploring aside from paving,

Composite Decking

What Are Alternatives to Concrete Paving?

This is one alternative to concrete paving that you can use in your garden. Composite decking is not made from cement like concrete. Timber and plastic are the main material makers of composite decking use to make their products. Plastic wood decking has lots of advantages that make homeowners use it.

One advantage plastic composite has over concrete is that it is attractive. If you install plastic wood decking in your garden, you will get a beautiful outdoor space. Aside from that, plastic wood decking is better than paving because when you build it in your home, it will increase the worth. This implies that your home price will go up because of the plastic composite decking. 

Another good thing with plastic composite is that it will resist the elements like rain or moisture better than other decking material. Unlike concrete that will crack or break because of heat, the plastic wood composite will not crack. When you install a plastic wood composite, it will stay long for a long time. 

Wood Decking 

This is also another alternative to concrete paving. Although wood is not as good as plastic composite, it is an alternative to concrete paving. It implies that you can install timber decking in your home instead of concrete paving.


What are the alternatives to concrete paving? Composite decking is an alternative to concrete paving. Unlike concrete that will crack, the plastic composite will last longer, and it is aesthetically pleasing.

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