Homeowners have long used wood decking for outdoor flooring. Wood or timber decking is the traditional decking material and one of the most popular decking options available. But wood decking comes with its disadvantages. It is difficult to maintain, and it is not durable. These disadvantages of wood decking make homeowners turn to other decking types. There are lots of decking products that you can use aside from timber decking. One of them is composite decking, and another is plastic decking. Some homeowners have even considered concrete decking. So, what are cheaper alternatives to wood decking?

Wood Decking

This decking material is a natural product. Wood decking contains 100% timber material. As a natural product, timber decking is not durable. It implies that when you install timber decking in your garden, it will not last as long as composite decking.

 Moisture or rainwater will easily destroy timber decking. It will absorb water until it swells. After swelling, timber decking will rot. If timber does not swell, it will dry quickly and shrink. This shrinkage will cause warping or breaking until your wood decking becomes damaged. 

Fluctuating temperature is another thing that will affect wood decking. When the weather changes suddenly, timber will expand and crack or warp. Aside from durability, wood decking has maintenance problems. The process of taking care of timber is stressful.

 Aside from being stressful, timber decking maintenance is also time-consuming. This implies that you have to sand, paint or stain your timber decking if you want it to last long. These are some of the reasons homeowners are turning to cheaper alternatives to wood decking. 

Alternative to Wood Decking

Composite Decking

One good alternative to wood decking is composite decking. Although this decking type is not cheaper than wood, it is still considered a cheaper alternative by some homeowners. We will come to that shortly. Unlike timber decking that is a natural product, plastic wood composite is a synthetic product.

What Are Cheaper Alternatives to Wood Decking?

 It means that plastic wood composite will not be damaged easily like timber decking. When you build your patio with plastic wood composite, it will stay longer than wood. Moisture or dew will not destroy your plastic wood composite decking when they drop on it.

 This implies that plastic wood composite decking will not swell and rot like timber decking. Also, the plastic composite will not crack or warp when the temperature changes. With plastic wood composite, you can be assured that you will have long lasting decking. 

Plastic or PVC Decking

This decking material is another alternative to wood decking. Although plastic decking is not cheaper than wood, homeowners still consider it a cheaper alternative. Like composite wood decking, PVC is a synthetic material and will not get damaged quickly.

 What this implies is that PVC will last longer than timber when you install it outdoors. It will not swell or rot when moisture touches it. Aside from that, plastic decking will not crack, split or splinter when the temperature changes like timber. This is why PVC is durable. 

Concrete Paving

Another alternative to timber decking is concrete. This is an option for homeowners that want permanent flooring. Concrete will last longer than timber. It will not swell, crack, split or break when you expose it to the elements. 

Which One Should You Choose

We have explained three alternatives to timber decking. One thing you will note is that those other options are not cheaper than wood. But we are looking for a cheaper alternative to wood decking. If you consider composite decking, the initial price is higher than timber. 

But when you consider the maintenance of composite decking, you will understand why homeowners consider it a cheaper alternative. Timber requires lots of maintenance. You have to purchase paint when maintaining timber.

 Plastic wood composite does not require painting. So, you won’t spend a lot to take care of your plastic wood composite. This implies that within ten years, you can spend £2000 if you spend £200 per year.

 But with plastic wood composite or composite decking, you will only spend £500 if you spend £50 per year. That is why most homeowners consider composite decking a cheaper alternative to wood even though the initial price is high.


There are cheaper alternatives to wood decking. One alternative is composite decking. This decking material is easy to maintain, and you don’t have to spend lots of cash.

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