Cleaning your composite decking is crucial for its survival. Most homeowners report that mould and mildew grow on their decking surface, while others report black spots on the decking. This is because homeowners refused to clean their plastic wood decking. When you clean your composite decking, you increase your chance of surviving the harsh elements of weather. But, you have to clean your composite decking the right way; else, it will develop unpleasant issues. This write-up looks into composite decking cleaning issues and advises homeowners on how to avoid them. 

Avoiding Composite Decking Cleaning Issues

Several issues may develop when cleaning your composite decking. Homeowners that clean their plastic wood decking the wrong way will notice that the surface texture fades quickly or the top peels off. These issues can result from using a pressure washer to wash your plastic wood decking or using hard water to rinse the surface of your decking. 

Also, washing your composite decking with chemicals can cause issues with the surface colour. When these issues occur, it will be impossible to reverse the effect. Your plastic wood decking surface colour might fade, or the top might peel. So, to prevent your wood-plastic composite from getting damaged, you have to take steps to avoid doing things that might cause issues on your decking. Let’s consider the cleaning issues one after the other.

Using a Pressure Washer on Your Composite Decking 

What Are Composite Decking Cleaning Issues?

Pressure washing a decking allows homeowners to clean their composite decking quickly. But when you pressure wash your patio, you can damage it if you are not experienced. Most composite decking makers don’t recommend the use of a pressure washer to clean their decking. If you decide to rinse your plastic wood decking surface with a pressure washer and the decking gets damage, you will void the warranty. This implies that your plastic wood decking maker is not liable for the damage caused by pressure washing your decking. 

But there are times when homeowners might decide to use a pressure washer on their plastic wood decking. If you are a hard-working homeowner and have limited time cleaning your plastic wood decking, you can use a pressure washer. If you detect stubborn stains on your plastic wood decking surface, you can use a pressure washer to remove the stain. Homeowners have to be careful when using a pressure washer. Homeowners should ensure that they use a pressure washer that is not greater than 3100 psi. 

The pressure or the force with which the pressure washer use to spray water should not be more than 3100 psi. Anything above 3100 psi can peel off the surface texture of the decking. Aside from that, the pressure washer should have a fan attachment/adjustment to control the flow of water jetting out of the nozzle. The fan attachment will control how fast or slow the water jets out of the pressure washer. 

To use the right pressure washer when cleaning your composite decking, you should not bring the nozzle too close to it. After washing your wood-plastic composite decking with soap, you can hold the tip of the pressure washer, ensuring that it is not lower than 203 mm. Then you should spray the decking until you have completely removed the stain from the surface. 

Using a Hard Water to Clean Your Composite Decking

Another composite decking cleaning issue when homeowners are cleaning their decking is using hard water to rinse the surface. Hard water would contain numerous minerals like calcium and silica. When you use hard water to clean the top of your plastic wood decking, you will notice traces of the minerals on the surface. These traces can be in the form of white films or spots on the decking surface. 

The spots or films are not a defect of the composite decking; rather, they are caused when homeowners use hard water to clean their decking. The best way homeowners can avoid white spots on their wood-plastic composite is to avoid using hard water altogether. If hard water is the only option for homeowners when cleaning their decking, then you must use a cloth to wipe the surface after spraying the decking with hard water. Also, homeowners can use a deck brightener to remove stains caused by hard water. 


What are composite decking cleaning issues? Plastic wood decking cleaning issues will occur when homeowners use a pressure washer or hard water to clean the surface of their decking. When using a pressure washer, ensure that it is not more than 3100 psi and keep the nozzle at least 8 inches from your decking surface. Avoid using hard water to rinse your plastic wood decking surface. 

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