Reversible composite decking boards are boards that have two surface finishes. On one side of a reversible composite decking board is a non-slip surface finish. While on the other side is a smooth wood grain surface finish. This variety of surface finish gives you the choice of using either the wood grain finish or the slip resistant finish by turning the board over during installation. This write-up addresses the question, what are reversible composite decking boards?

What Is a Composite Decking Board?

Composite decking is the perfect alternative to timber decking. While timber decking is a natural wood material, composite decking is a synthetic material that contains recycled products. As a synthetic material, composite decking is stronger and more durable than timber. This is one reason homeowners are using plastic wood decking in place of natural wood decking. Aside from that, composite decking is resistant to nature elements and termites. 

This makes plastic wood decking to last longer than wood or timber decking. Also, plastic wood decking will not crack, splinter or warp when the temperature changes like timber decking. Another thing about composite decking is that you can install it easily using simple instruments. Since plastic wood decking is lightweight, you can carry them during installation.

Composite Decking Surface Texture

reversible decking boards

The surface texture of composite decking is another reason homeowners love it. Composite decking has a beautiful surface texture. The surface pigment of plastic wood decking is attractive and it will last longer than wood decking. Unlike wood decking that has the old traditional wood look only, composite decking comes in different colours and texture. You can get a brown, grey, and anthracite decking. These colours will last and will not fade like timber decking colour. 

With regards to fading, you can use your composite decking for up to 15 years and you will not notice any major colour change. Your decking will stay beautiful all through this period. Wood decking fades quickly, so they require painting or staining constantly during maintenance. Another advantage of composite decking surface texture aside from that is that you can turn the board during installation.

 If you live in a wet area and there is water around your property, you should use a composite board with slip-resistant surface texture. This kind of texture has tiny lines on the surface that runs the length of the board. When you walk on your composite decking when it rained, the tiny lines will provide friction for your feet so that you will not slip and fall. 

Aside from the slip-resistant surface texture, there is the wood grain surface texture. This type of texture is different from the slip-resistant surface because it does not have the tiny lines and it is smooth. It looks like natural wood and gives homeowners the satisfaction that traditional wood looks. 

Advantage of Reversible Composite Decking Boards

When you purchase reversible composite boards, it is like buying two in one. That is you get the wood grain surface texture on one side and the slip-resistant surface on the other side. We mentioned earlier that if you live in a wet area and there is constant rain, you can use the slip-resistant side of your composite board.

 This is an advantage because you don’t have to purchase non-slip boards specially and when you change you mind throw them away. If you are the kind of homeowner that loves the wood grain look, you can just turn your composite decking over and use the wood grain surface. 

This wood grain surface will add beauty to your decking. When you install the slip-resistant decking side, you and your kids will be able to walk on your decking and stay safe on it. 

You don’t have to fear that you will slip and fall when you are having your outdoor activities on it. Also, if you install the wood grain surface finish or any smooth colour surface finish, you will add beauty to your yard and make your garden a contemporary one. 

Another advantage of composite decking surface texture is that it will stay attractive or beautiful for a long time. Also, that composite decking has a reversible surface makes homeowners that love the traditional look prefer it to PVC decking.


What are reversible composite decking boards? Reversible composite boards have two sides or surface finish. You can turn the board and choose between slip-resistant or wood grain finish.

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