If you desire to make your home stand out, you can be creative by adding a beautiful composite cladding or covering to your exterior wall. This write-up explains some home exterior cladding ideas. Before we dive into the home cladding ideas, let’s look at why you should clad your house.

Why You Should Clad Your Home

There are tons of reasons you should clad your home. First, covering the wall of your house will reinforce it and protect it from moisture and mould. What this implies is that cladding materials are not just for decoration but protection. When you cover the wall of your house with a durable and robust cladding material, you will protect the exterior. 

The extra layer of protection that cladding provides to your home will prevent moisture from getting to the wall. Water is not suitable for exterior wall for two reasons. It discolours the appearance of the wall and forms a dark grey colouration on the wall. Also, the presence of moisture on the wall will weaken it and make mould and mildew to grow on the wall.

 Aside from preventing damp from getting to the wall, cladding also strengthens your house exterior. What this implies is that the wall will be stronger than a wall that is not covered. The second reason you should clad your home is that it beautifies the external appearance. For example, you can use composite cladding material for the exterior. 

What to Consider When Choosing A Home Exterior Cladding

There are numerous cladding materials out there in the market that you can choose. For example, you can pick wood cladding, composite cladding, vinyl cladding, and stone cladding. Before you jump in and pick a cladding material, there are some things that you should consider. You should consider your environment.

 It is crucial because your location can determine the colour of cladding that you will choose. Also, it can determine the layout and design of the cladding. Aside from the environment, you should consider your budget. Some cladding materials are more expensive than others.

 Stone cladding, for example, is more costly than the wood cladding. The composite covering is not as expensive as stone. If you have a large budget, then you can go for any cladding materials of your choice. 

Home Exterior Cladding Ideas

Wood Cladding For Exterior Design

One of the most common cladding material is timber cladding. It is one of the oldest covering material, and homeowners have used it for a long time. Cladding your house with wood will give the wall extra protection which will make it to last longer. Also, you can cut the wood into specific shapes, and you can customise it to look the way you want it to look.

 The right side of the wood cladding is that you can paint it with good latex paint to any colour you want. Another thing about wood cladding which you should know about is that it is like other wood materials in that it is difficult to maintain.

Lightweight Brick Cladding Finish

Brick is another thing that you can use to clad your house. The brick is in the form of brick tiles that you will clip into a stainless steel frame that you have fixed to the wall. Then, you will use a pump to add mortal so that it will be firm. One thing about brick is that it comes with a wide range of colours that help beautify your home.

Composite Cladding For Your Home Exterior

What Are Some Home Exterior Cladding Ideas?

Another home cladding idea is using composite materials like composite cladding to cover the exterior of your home. Composite cladding is also known as plastic wood cladding. Its composition is wood fibre and plastic. It is also a product of recycled materials. The advantage of composite cladding is that it is durable. It implies that it will last long.

 Composite cladding will last longer than the wood cladding. The lifespan of plastic wood cladding is the same as stone, vinyl, and aluminium. But the advantage composite cladding has over them is that it is easy to install, and it looks like wood. 

So, this makes it a perfect replacement for wood cladding. If you are a lover of wood and want to replace your wood cladding, you should consider composite cladding.

Aluminium Cladding

Another house cladding idea is covering your house with aluminium. Aluminium is a durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing cladding material that you can use for your exterior wall. You can spray it with paint to any colour that you want.


There are several home exterior cladding ideas that you can explore. One of those options is composite cladding. It is a durable, aesthetically pleasing and versatile cladding material.

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