If you desire to make your home stand out, you can be creative by adding beautiful composite cladding or covering your exterior wall. This write-up explains some home exterior cladding ideas. Before we dive into the home cladding idea, let’s look at why you should clad your house.

External cladding has become much more popular over recent years with homeowners in the UK and can be utilised for houses, sheds, summer houses and much more. There are even cladding options that can be used for interior design and that homeowners add inside their homes to enhance their space, such as panelling with slatted cladding.

There are many options available in different materials, such as wood, composite and slate. Cladding is not only for aesthetics but can also protect against the elements and provide insulation. 

What Are Some Home Exterior Cladding Ideas?

Slatted cladding

A newer style of cladding is slatted cladding which provides a panelling effect that can be positioned vertically or horizontally inside or out. Slatted cladding gives an effortlessly modern aesthetic to any property and comes in many different colours ranging from natural browns to stylish greys and blacks.

Panelling is a new trend that homeowners can create on their inside or outside. With slatted cladding, this look can be achieved easily with full-panelled boards. The length of slatted cladding usually comes in 2.5m or 3.6m and can usually be cut depending on the material. Slatted cladding is usually made from composite material, which is a mix of wood and plastic material that protects against elements such as moisture. 

Varying Surface finishes

Alternatively of slatted cladding, there are also other styles available, such as wood grain cladding or smooth sanded cladding. Cladding is usually wood or composite and can be created with an embossed surface finish to give the look of a real timber board. This option is ideal for homeowners who prefer a more natural and traditional look that will complement the existing surroundings.

Another option for a more modern and sleek finish is sanded cladding that has a smooth surface finish. There are many different surface finishes available on the market to choose from, at varying lengths and different colours. It is always highly recommended to order samples before buying, to view surface finishes and colours in person, as the appearance of the boards can differ from online.


As well as houses, many homeowners clad their outhouses or sheds for additional insulation and protection of their exterior walls. Cladding can be an investment as it will cost less to heat your shed or outhouse with cladding as it will keep the heat in more.

Whether you are painting your wooden cladding the perfect colour to match your home or choosing from a selection of colours, there are many different options on the market to suit every taste and style. Look up inspirational photos online for different designs and colours you can choose from, and, when possible, order samples or visit showrooms to see the cladding in person before buying.

A shed or summer house can drastically alter the look of a garden and if not maintained will become an eyesore. Cladding can help give the appearance you desire whether that is modern and sleek or more traditional and natural. 

Vertical cladding

External cladding is usually designed to be installed horizontally from the bottom upward, with the first board sitting on starter clips and the following boards screwed into your batons behind. However, some customers prefer the look of the boards placed vertically and with the shiplap connection, this can still be achieved simply by installing your batons horizontally instead of vertically.

Ensure you inform your supplier and fitter if you want to install this method, as it can affect the number of boards required for your project. It is always recommended to order additional boards to have too many rather than not enough, as this can cause issues down the line, such as boards being out of stock.

Please remember that at UltraDecking, we are not professional fitters, we are suppliers and any calculations are estimates and every dimension should be checked with a professional fitter. 

Cladding your home

As well as cladding your sheds and summer houses, you can even choose to clad your home to change the look of the front of your house without completely rendering your property. Cladding is a cheaper option in comparison to many other ways to alter the exterior of your home, such as rendering.

You can choose from stone, vinyl, timber and even metal cladding on your home to achieve the look and protection you want. Cladding will last for decades, even longer, depending on the material chosen. Additionally, materials such as composite and vinyl require minimal maintenance, which is perfect for busy homeowners who don’t want to waste time and money maintaining the exterior of their home.

Cladding will also add insulation to your home, which will also save you money down the line. For a beautiful exterior of your home, mix different textures and colours to stand out from your neighbours. 


There are many different external cladding options available on the market to choose from, with different materials and colours to match every different homeowner’s aesthetic.

Remember to order samples and view any material in person to get a true representation of colour and surface finish before buying. Additionally, always browse online for inspiration and aim to choose timeless aesthetics that you will still like for years to come. 

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