Wood decking has come a long way in the decking industry. For centuries, homeowners have used wood decking to build their outdoor decking. Wood has its advantages that ensure the continuity of its use. But with advantages come disadvantages. Wood decking disadvantages far outweigh its benefits. We will discuss wood decking disadvantages in detail later. Another thing about decking is that technology has enabled makers of decking to make better and more durable decking materials like composite decking and vinyl decking. These new decking materials are a better alternative to wood decking. 

Wood Decking Disadvantages

Before moving further, note that when a material has disadvantages, the downside will cause dissatisfaction with the material. Wood decking is one such material. Let’s start with the issue of wood decking maintenance. We live in an ever-busy environment, and we want to get stuff done quickly without wasting our time. 

The same applies to decking maintenance. We want a decking that is easy to take care of using simple tools. Also, we don’t want to waste our time taking care of our decking. Wood decking maintenance process is laborious. Aside from the regular cleaning or sweeping that you will give your wood decking, you have to do more. You must paint or stain your wood decking regularly to make it last longer. 

What Are the Alternatives to Wood Decking?

Also, you must seal your wood decking with a good sealer to make it absorb less moisture. All this process of maintaining wood decking requires lots of cash and time. This is aside from the fact that maintaining wood decking will drain your strength. This is one reason homeowners are dissatisfied with their wood decking and want an alternative. 

Another reason homeowners want an alternative to wood decking is that wood is not resistant to insects and decay. Termites will destroy your timber decking quickly. Also, excess moisture will destroy wood decking fast if you don’t seal it. That is why makers of decking have taken advantage of advanced technology and produce better decking materials.

Alternatives to Wood Decking

Composite Decking 

If you are a decking owner looking forward to changing your decking types, you should consider installing composite decking. Also, if you are new to the world of decking, and you want a durable decking material, you should consider installing composite decking. The difference between composite and wood decking is that composite decking is made of recycled materials.

 Unlike softwood, that is pressure-treated with chemicals; composite decking does not contain chemicals. Also, unlike hardwood that contains 100% wood, composite decking is a mixture of wood fibre and plastic that are processed in a factory. The finished decking material which in this case is composite decking is by far stronger and more durable than wood decking. 

This is one reason composite decking is seen as a better alternative to wood decking. Aside from the difference in material composition, composite decking is easy to maintain when you compare it with wood decking. To take care of your composite decking, you have to clean the surface thoroughly and ensure that you remove stains. 

Also, the tools that you will make use of when you want to clean your composite decking are a broom, brush, cloth, and soapy water. If maintaining composite decking is not an issue for you, perhaps resistant will be. Composite decking is more resistant to insect attack than wood decking. This implies that termite will not be able to destroy your decking. 

Aside from termite, moisture will not make your composite decking less durable. Composite decking has a well-engineered surface texture that reduces moisture absorption. So, your composite decking will not swell as a result of moisture.

Decking material

 Also, your composite decking will not rot if the moisture will not dry or shrink when the water dries. This makes composite decking an alternative to wood decking. There is one other thing about composite decking, but we will discuss it later. 

Vinyl Decking

Another alternative to wood decking is vinyl decking. This decking type contains 100% plastic and no wood. If maintenance is an issue, vinyl decking is easy to maintain like composite decking. You will need a broom to sweep the top of your vinyl decking. Aside from broom, you will need a cloth or brush depending on the kind of stain that you want to remove.

 Also, vinyl decking is more resistant to insect attack than wood decking. Vinyl will not rot, break, or splinter like wood decking. This makes homeowners prefer vinyl as an alternative to wood. Vinyl decking is also beautiful. The beauty of vinyl decking lies in its attractive colours.

 But one thing about vinyl is that it doesn’t have the wood grain appearance of composite decking. This is one reason decking owners prefer composite decking as a better alternative to wood.


What are the alternatives to wood decking? Composite and vinyl decking are better alternatives to wood decking. This is because composite and vinyl are easy to maintain, and they are more resistant to insects and moisture than wood.

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