Composite materials are durable, strong, easy to maintain, weather-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing that wood. Those are the major differences between composite materials and wood materials. And those qualities or attributes of composite materials are what make homeowners cherish them over timber. Now let’s take the attributes one after the other.

Composite Materials Have Different Makeup Than Wood

Makers of composite decking, fencing, and cladding, which are composite materials, make them with wood fibre and plastics. Wood contains only timber fibre and no plastic.

Composite Materials Are More Durable Than Wood

In the decking, fencing, and cladding industry, durability means the ability to withstand pressure. This pressure can be in the form of weather pressure. Or it can be the pressure of humans’ weight when folks stand on their decking. Also, insect attack can affect the durability of a decking. Wood decking fair badly in terms of durability. 

First, they are susceptible to the element of weather. If it rains and the water gets to the wood decking, the timber material will absorb the water. Absorbing water will make it swell. If it swells, it will contract. Expansion and contraction will make wood material to shrink, warp, and splinter. If the wood doesn’t shrink, it will rot. Composite materials like decking, fencing, and cladding are not like wood. 

They absorb a little amount of water when you install them outdoors. So, this implies that composite will not splinter, break, or warp quickly like wood. Fluctuating temperature easily affects wood. But the fluctuating temperature will not affect composite materials. With regard, humans’ weight, composite materials can withstand the weight. Folks can have a party on their composite decking, and it will not cave. 

Insect like termite will eat into wood material. Although wood contains chemicals that make them resist insects, when you use them for some time, timber will lose its durability. Composite materials are resistant to insect attack.

Composite Materials Are Easy to Maintain Than wood

Maintenance is another reason folks prefer composite materials to wood. Maintaining your composite decking, fencing, and cladding is easy. All you should do is sweep it regularly if it is a decking. If it is cladding and fencing, then you can use a power washer to wash them. 

If there is a stain on your composite material, a simple brushing with soapy water and a soft brush will do. Wood maintenance is not as simple as that. With wood, you will seal, sand, paint or stain your timber decking, fencing, or cladding. Aside from that, you have to perform the task regularly, or your wood will not last long. Remember that you will expend cash on purchasing the materials that you will use to maintain your timber. Maintaining your wood will cost you extra cash. 

If you calculate the amount you will spend maintaining wood with that of composite material, then you will realise that composite materials save cash in the long run. Aside from saving cash, the process of maintaining wood decking is laborious and backbreaking. You have to bent you back to do the task, and this will consume your time.

Composite Materials Are Aesthetically Appealing Than Wood

That composite materials are more beautiful than wood is one reason folks prefer it to timber. Wood has only one look, that is the traditional wood-like look. But you can customise your composite material so that it will have different colours. CompositeWarehouse has different collections of composite decking, fencing and cladding. 

composite materials

You can get anthracite grey, grey, brown, oak, dark oak, dark brown composite material from our store. One thing about wood decking and which is why timber continues to survive till today is that some folks still prefer the traditional wood look. There are other claddings, fencing, and decking materials that are as good as composite decking. 

But the difference between them and composite decking is that plastic wood decking is the only material that its makers customise to look like wood. So, this makes plastic wood materials a perfect replacement for wood.

Composite Materials Have Longer lifespan Than Wood

That composite materials have a longer lifespan than timber is another reason folks prefer it to wood. CompositeWarehouse Timeless collection of composite decking will last for 25 years if you install them properly. Their essential collections of composite decking will last ten years. Although wood decking will last for about ten years, you have to maintain it regularly to last that long.


The difference between composite materials and wood is that composite decking, fencing, and cladding are easy to maintain. Also, they are durable, aesthetically pleasing and have a longer lifespan than wood.

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