Composite decking has different surface textures. You can purchase composite decking with a wood grain finish. Aside from that, you can buy plastic wood decking that comes in a different colour. There is brown, dark-brown, oak, dark-oak, and anthracite grey composite decking. 

outdoor decking surface texture
outdoor decking surface texture

Why Are Composite Decking Made In Different Textures?

Makers of composite decking make them in different colours so that they will be attractive to homeowners. Let begin by looking at the composition of composite decking. Plastic wood decking consists of wood fibre and plastic. The recycled materials make the finished decking boards stronger than wood.

 Also, the plastic in the synthesized decking makes it possible for makers of composite decking to finish the surface in different colours. As mentioned before, it is possible to get grey composite decking.

How does wood perform when we compare it with composite decking? Wood decking consists of 100% wood. The plastic wood combination of the composite decking is not in wood decking. 

So, this means that timber decking only has a wood look. If you want a different colour, you have to paint your wood decking. With composite decking, there is no need to paint it because it has a large variety of colours. This feature of composite decking is what attracts folk who want to install decking.

Can Composite Decking Surface Texture Match that of Wood? 

You might be wondering why we raise the question. Most homeowners love wood decking because of the traditional wood appearance. That is what they are used to before makers of composite decking invent it.

So, when makers of decking introduced composite decking, there was this objection that it will not be as good as wood. 

The wood grain finish of composite decking makes it possible for it to look like wood. It looks like wood to the extent that it is difficult for homeowners to tell the difference between it and wood decking. 

With the wood-grain finish, composite decking texture surpasses wood decking.

Other Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite Decking Is Durable

One benefit composite decking has over wood is that it is durable. They are more robust than wood and can resist the pressure mother nature place on them.

Also, composite decking can withstand the weight of people standing on them. It implies that lots of people can stand on it when having a party. 

Also, composite decking will last longer than wood decking. Depending on the grade, composite decking can last for up to 10 years or 25 years. This warranty of composite decking is a long time compared to wood decking. 

Composite Decking Requires Little Maintenance

Another benefit of plastic wood decking is that they require little maintenance. Composite decking is unlike wood decking that requires sealing, sanding, oiling, staining or painting.

All you should do if you want to maintain your composite decking is to sweep it with a broom. If mould or mildew is growing on it, you can wash it with soapy water and a brush. 

Note that wood decking will not last longer if you don’t give it elaborate maintenance. Aside from that, maintaining wood decking is stressful and time-consuming. All this implies that composite decking saves money in the long run after you install it in your yard.

Composite Decking Surface Is Resistant to Insect and Weather

Plastic wood decking is resistant because it consists of durable materials. So, this implies that insects like termite or bugs cannot eat into it. Aside from insects like a termite, composite decking will not splinter or warp when exposed to fluctuating temperature.

When you have used your decking for a long time, the colour will not fade like that of wood. 

Depending on the grade, composite decking will only lose a small amount of colour when you installed it for a long time. Another thing about composite decking is that it has an improved capped surface that makes it not absorb water.

Plastic wood decking will not swell and rot like wood decking when you install them outdoors. If stains like oil or grease spill on it, you can easily clean it with a cloth. Also, composite decking surface is not slippery.

So, you can see that composite decking has a different surface texture that makes it attractive to homeowners. The wood grain surface texture is particularly interesting because it makes plastic wood decking to look like wood.


Composite decking has wood grain surface texture. Also, there is brown, oak, grey and dark-coloured composite decking.

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