There are different ways that you can style or design your fencing with composite fencing so that you can protect or keep your yard from intruders. You can build a privacy fence that will completely hide your yard from outsiders.

 Aside from a privacy fence, you can create a rustic split fence that keeps your yard from strangers. Note that you can achieve these fencing designs with composite fencing. 

What Is Composite Fencing?

Composite fence is a fencing material that consists of wood fibre and plastic. After processing the wood fibre and plastic in a factory, they are cut into various lengths to form composite fencing boards. Plastic wood fencing is the same as composite fencing. 

They are better than wood fencing because they are durable, strong, aesthetically pleasing, and require little maintenance. Plastic wood fencing is durable because it is resistant to insect attack. It implies that termite or bugs will not destroy your fence if it is a composite fence. 

Aside from insect attack, plastic wood fences are resistant to elements of mother nature. What this means is that a composite fence will stand anything weather thrown at it.

It will not get damaged when homeowners build it in a place that is under sunlight or rain. Also, snow and ice will not destroy your composite fence.

Another good thing about composite fencing is the fact that you can get different colours that will make your yard beautiful. Composite fencing design is visually appealing and takes your yard to the next level. You can get fencing panels of different colours. 

There is the grey, dark-grey, brown, dark-brown, and anthracite grey composite fencing. All these colours and finish will provide a perfect fencing design for your yard. Aside from that, composite fences are easy to maintain because they require little maintenance. 

Unlike wood that requires sanding, oiling, sealing, staining or painting, composite fences require a simple cleaning. If there is dirt on your composite fence, spray it with a hose. The colour doesn’t fade like a wood fence colour, so there is no need to paint it regularly. 

Fencing Designs for Your Garden

There are different fencing designs that you can give to your yard. You can use your composite fence to build a complete privacy fence. Or, you can create a simple boundary fence that keeps your yard from intruders and makes you behold what is going on outside your yard.

Styling Your Yard With A Privacy Fence

A privacy fencing design is one that completely covers your yard from intruders. This kind of fencing design makes it impossible for outsiders to see what is in your yard. That is why folk call it a privacy fence because it gives you privacy. You can build this kind of wall with composite fences. 

What Are the Different Fencing Designs for My Yard?

All you need is to clear and measure the spot that you will install the boards. After doing that, you should purchase the fencing material and seek the help of an expert to install the fence. If you are a handyperson, you can proceed to install it yourself.

 After installing your composite fencing boards, you can paint other structures in your yard to match the colour of your fence. Also, you can build buildings like a small store where you can put things in your yard and join it with the composite barrier.

Another thing you can do is to use flowers to enhance the fencing design. Plants, when they grow on your fence, will make it beautiful. You can hang flowers all around your barrier if the fencing is close to your garden. 

Simple Boundary Fencing Design

A simple boundary fence is a fence that keeps your yard from intruders. Folks standing outside can still see what is going on in your yard when you install a simple boundary fence. The aim of this fencing design is demarcation only. You can use composite fences to achieve this kind of barrier. 

Also, it is easier to install, and it does not need much composite fencing like a privacy fence. Although this type of fence is not tall, you can further enhance your wall by planting flowers close to it.

 Also, you can paint other structures in your garden so that their colours match that of your fence. Or, if you don’t like the colour of your fencing, you can paint it to create a consistent theme.


There are different fencing designs that you can give to your fence to make your yard beautiful. You can build a complete privacy fence and plant flowers on it, or you can create a simple boundary fence with plants hanging on it.

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