There are different types of composite decking clips and fasteners. The kinds of clips you will use depends on the methods of installing your composite decking.

One way is by utilizing screws or nails to hold the composite decking boards down.

Another method is by using composite decking clips and hidden fasteners to clamp the board to the joist. 

The nails and screw method of installing a composite decking will leave the edge of the nail or screw exposed to the surface.

This can cause safety issues when the nail is pushed out after the deck has been used over time.

The screw, when exposed, can distort the beauty of your composite decking.

Although some are produced to have different colors that can match with your composite decking color, most homeowners still prefer not to see screws or nails.

 This is how the fasteners enter into the decking scene, and why they are popular. Hidden fasteners give your decking a smooth finish because the clip is obscured.

When you go to the market, you will discover that there are different types of composite decking clips that you can get for a price.

types of decking clips

Some of those clips are made for a specific type of composite deck. You can choose between a grooved decking and an ungrooved decking when you want to purchase a composite deck

The groove deck gives you the advantage of using clips easily. You can use clips with the ungrooved composite deck too. Some decks makers produced their own clips to install their composite decks.

Kinds of Clips and Fasteners

The composite decking clips listed below are sold by CompositeWarehouse UK.

NeoTimber Clips

The clips come in different types. There are starter clips and fast clips.

The starter clips are fixed into the opening of your first board, while the fast clips are made to join one deck board to the other.

Also, you can buy either plastics or stainless clips in the market. The clips have two types of fastener, which are the 3mm metal fast clips and the 6mm plastics fast clips.

TigerClaw Hidden Fastener

The fastener comes in various kinds of stainless steel clips that will fit in between decks to provide a smooth surface.

There are different types of Clips. They are the clip 1, clip 2, and the clip 3.

The clip 1 are made from carbon steel and can be driven into the side of composite decks. 

Clip 2 is made the same way, but the difference between it and the clip 1 is that clip 2 is made of stainless steel.

The clip 3 is made to work with ungrooved composite decks and create a 3/16 inches space between the decks.

Hidden Deck Clips and Fastener

This fastener is made with plastic so that it will fit into the edge of your deck.

There are different types of EB-Ty fastener, they include the normal EB-Ty, which provides ¼ inches board spacing, for composite decks.

Also, there is the mini EB-Ty fastener, which has a small height for decks that are thin. 

Hidden Deck Clips and Fastener

This hidden deck fasteners utilize a tool that is controlled by a workman to install screws into the side of the composite deck.

This deck fastener comes in various sizes that suit your needs. The deck fastener is ideal for all types of composite decks.

Trex Hidden Fastener

Trex hidden fastener was created to install grooved composite decks. It was made with glass nylon, and it is black.

The clips size is ¼ inches and works with 1-⅝ inches screws. Trex Hidden fastener has a start clip that can be utilized with the house wall and at the edge of your decking.

Mantis Decks Fastener 

The Mantis deck fasteners have a black finish and are made from aluminum or stainless steel.

Also, the clips are available in 3 groove height and can be installed with screws. One thing about Mantis decks fasteners is that they have a 30 years warranty.

The Mantis fasteners have a beginning and end clips for the edges of your decks.

How to Use the Clips

Installing composite decking is straightforward after the joist that the decks will rest on has been installed.

To put in your composite deck, you should commence from the building or a wall and bring it outward. Then, you should tighten the clips so that they will grip the groove of the composite deck.


There are different types of composite decking clips and fasteners that you can choose. When choosing a clip, be sure to pick one that matches your deck.