There are several types of composite decking clips that you can use to hold your decking down to the joists below it.

The method that you choose to install your composite decking determines if you will use clips or if you will not. 

One of the methods of installing composite decking is by using the open fastening method.

The open fastening method utilizes screws or nails and will leave the screw or nailhead exposed to the surface.

Although there are ways of covering the heads of the screws, homeowners still preferred not to use them. 

This is because they want a surface that is smooth without any trace.

The other method of installing composite decking is the hidden fastener method, and it involves placing the clips and screws in between the decking board.

This method ensures that you get a smooth surface when you have finished installing your deck. 

Also, it ensures that there is enough space between the decks so as to accommodate expansion and contraction.

It is important because composite decks do expand at different temperatures, and when they do, the hidden fasteners will make it easy for them.

The surface fastener is limited in this and can cause the decking to snap if it is a wooden deck. 

Hidden fasteners are utilized with grooved composite decking, and are a combination of clip and screw.

The clips will be used to hold down the board to the frame by screws. In the next section, you will read about the various kinds of composite deck clips and their function.

Types of Composite Decks Clips

There are two main types of composite decking clips. They are the starter clips and the T-clips. The functions of the two kinds of clips will be explained below.

Starter Clips

The starter clips are made of stainless steel so that they will hold the composite decks in place.

Starter clips for outdoor decking

In addition to that, they are formed in such a manner that they can be fixed on the joist and screwed down while holding the decks firmly by hooking the groove.

Using the starter clip to install your deck is not difficult. 

All you must do is position it on the joist and tighten it first. This can be done after you have laid the frame on a solid foundation.

Setting the foundation and arranging the frame requires some skill, but be rest assured that you can do it yourself. 

The starter clip is used to secure the first set of composite boards that are close to your building or wall.

In addition to that, the starter clips can also be used to hold down the last deck.

It is recommended that the starter clips should be placed at every 600mm on the first set of boards so that they will be held firmly.

T-shaped Clips

The T-shaped clips are used to hold your composite deck boards to the joists.

It is shaped like the letter T so that the two sides of the head will hold down two decks at the same time.

t-clips outdoor decking

This suggests that the T- shaped clips are placed in between decks. There is a place that you can put in your screw through the T-clips. 

The T-clips are made by different makers, and they are made of different materials.

The materials the T-clips are made of determine the width of the T-clips, and in turn, the space between your composite decks. Those that are made of stainless steel have thinner vertical points. 

To understand the vertical point well, think of the letter T, you will remember that it has two parts.

One part of the letter T is the top that runs horizontally and rests on the vertical part.

The vertical part is the vertical point referred to when describing T- clips.

If the starter clip is made of plastic, the vertical point will be thicker and wider than that of the stainless steel. 

So, there are the 3mm wide T-clips made of steel and the 6mm plastic T-clips.

This means that when you use the 3mm T-clips to install your composite decks, you will get a 3mm space between the deck boards. The same applies to the 6mm T-clips.


There are different types of composite deck clips available in the market, and they are the T-clips and the starter clips.