Composite decking, like other decking types, has its own disadvantages. The noticeable drawback of composite decking is the cost. It implies that composite decking is expensive to install. 

Also, composite decking gets heated quickly in a hot climate. Restoring a scratched composite decking is possible but not easy.

Another disadvantage of plastic-wood decking is that the surface can melt if a hot object is placed on it. 

What Is A Composite Decking?

Note that plastic-wood decking is the same as composite decking. It is called plastic-wood decking because it is made with recycled plastic and wood fibre. 

The bringing about of composite decking takes place in a factory where the plastic and wood are mixed.

After, the finished plastic-wood decking is cut into different board sizes.

disadvantages of outdoor decking

Composite decking is a better replacement for wood decking. Wood decking required lots of maintenance.

The decking owner must sand, oil, paint, or stain the wood decking regularly to make it last.

Note that the decking owner must do this annually, else the decking will rot or decay.

Wood decking is not resistant to insect attack, but composite decking is.

 Also, wood decking are not made in different colours unless the decking owner paints it. Composite decking comes in a mixture of colours.

All this makes composite decking better than wood decking.

Disadvantages of Composite Decking

Plastic-wood decking has its own disadvantages. The disadvantages of composite decking are not much and are not like wood decking but are worth considering.

High Cost of Installation 

Installing a composite decking is not cheap. Although composite board price varies from one supplier to the other, it is more expensive than a wood decking.

One composite decking brand cost £55 – £100 per square metre. Another popular composite decking brand cost £85 – £113 per square metre to install.

Wood decking cost £30 – £65 per square metre to install.

 Although hardwood decking is more expensive, it is not as expensive as composite decking. Another disadvantage of composite decking, which is related to installation, is that it needs a reduced joist space. 

In fact, the recommended joist space for composite decking is 16 inches. If the joist space is more than 16 inches, the composite decking can carve in if a heavy object stands on it. 

This caused homeowners to ask if composite decking is safe for outdoor activities.

Heat Issues

Remember that composite decking is made of plastic and wood fibre. If you install your composite decking outdoors and you don’t cover it, the decking will become hot quickly.

When this occurs, it will be tough to stroll on your composite decking. If you can’t walk on your plastic-wood decking, then you can relax on it. 

The reason composite decking gets hot is because of the plastic used to make it. Also, the colour of your decking matters because dark-coloured gets hot faster than light. 

For instance, dark-grey composite decking gets heated quickly than light-grey. It is similar to putting on a dark attire on a hot period. The dark attire will absorb heat.

The same goes for dark-coloured plastic-wood decking.  

Replacing a Decking

Replacing a composite board if one of the boards gets spoilt can be difficult if you install grooved decking.

This implies that you have to remove an entire section before you can remove a single board.

If your decking gets scratched, it will not be easy to restore the surface of your board.

Although your composite decking can be painted, they are not designed to be painted.

Also, if hot objects touch the surface of your composite decking, the plastic on the surface will melt. Then your decking surface will be distorted and will not be good to look at.


The weight of composite decking is something to consider. Solid composite decking is heavier than wood decking.

This makes solid plastic-wood decking difficult to carry. But, hollow composite decking is lighter than wood decking. 


The disadvantages of composite decking are not much when compared to wood decking. Plastic-wood decking gets hot quickly, and it is expensive.

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