There are lots of materials available in the market that you can use to build a decking in your outdoor space. One of those materials is wood decking. Another one is composite decking. Aside from wood and composite decking, there is plastic or vinyl decking. These decking materials come with different prices. What are the prices of the different decking boards? Let’s examine the various decking one after the other.

Wood Decking Board Prices

We will not consider the material composition of wood decking at this point because we will consider it in another heading. There are two kinds of wood decking in the market. There is softwood decking and hardwood decking. 

Hardwood decking boards cost more than softwood decking. Depending on the size of wood decking that you want to buy, you can get a wood decking for £16 or £3.33 per M. The size of the wood decking board is 28 mm * 140 mm * 4.8 mm. A size that is greater than the one we just mentioned will cost more. 

Composite Decking Board Prices

Composite decking is another type of decking material. This decking type is more durable and strong than wood decking. The price of composite decking varies like that of wood decking boards. Also, the size of the decking boards affects its price.

WPC decking boards

 Our Timeless collections of composite decking boards cost £24.50 for a 4000 mm board. Also, our essential collections of composite decking cost £19.99. Note that the bigger the size of the composite decking, the more expensive the board. 

Vinyl Decking Boards Prices

Vinyl is another material that you can use to build decking. The price of vinyl decking boards is in between composite decking and wood decking. You can get a vinyl decking for £18 per 4000 mm. Note that like composite decking, the size of a vinyl decking boards affects the price. If the vinyl decking boards are large, then they will be more expensive.

From the price comparison that we have just made, you can conclude that composite decking is more expensive than other decking types. But this does not stop homeowners from using composite decking. Let’s look at the various benefits of the decking materials to know why homeowners prefer composite decking.

Benefits of Wood

Wood decking contains 100% timber. As a degradable material, wood decking doesn’t have many benefits. First, wood decking will not stand against insect attack. This makes termites eat into a wood decking and destroy it. Aside from insects, the wood decking maintenance process is laborious. 

different decking boards

To maintain or take care of your wood decking, you have to clean it regularly. Aside from the regular cleaning, you have to sand your wood decking with sandpaper. This is because wood decking requires painting or staining. So, if you want to paint or stain, you have to ensure a smooth surface. 

Note that the process of sanding a wood decking is difficult. Imagine that you have a large decking, and you have to sand the surface. That is why owners of wood decking are changing to a better alternative.

Benefits of Composite Decking

The better alternative to wood decking is composite decking. This decking material is made with waste materials such as wood and plastic. Since composite decking does not contain 100% wood, then it is better than wood. Composite decking is resistant to insect attack. When you install composite decking in your yard, insects like termite will not destroy it. 

This is because of the plastic part of composite decking. Termites cannot destroy plastic. Another good side of composite decking is that you can take care of it easily. You have to clean your composite decking with a cloth or broom. If you see a stain on your decking, you can remove it by brushing. Aside from maintenance, composite decking is aesthetically more appealing than wood and vinyl decking. 

Our collections of composite decking boards include grey, brown, oak, anthracite grey, light-coloured and dark-coloured decking boards. One good thing about the pigment of our composite decking is that it is timeless. What timeless means is that the surface pigment of composite decking will last for a long time. 

Benefits of Vinyl decking

Vinyl decking boards have the same benefits as composite decking. The only difference between vinyl and composite is the colour or surface texture. Composite decking boards surface texture can be made to look like traditional timber. But vinyl decking boards cannot.

 Homeowners love the traditional wood look because they have always wanted a decking that will replace wood and still look like wood. That is the reason composite decking is regarded as an alternative to wood decking.


What are the prices of the different decking boards? The most expensive decking board between wood, composite and vinyl is composite decking. Composite decking is more expensive because it has more benefits than the two other types of decking.

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