Composite wood decking has been praised as the best outdoor flooring material to use in a garden. Some of the good sides of composite decking are easy maintenance, durability, aesthetic, and resistance to the elements. The good side of plastic wood decking is why most homeowners are turning to this outdoor flooring material. But with the good side comes the bad side. Homeowners want to know the downside of composite decking if there is any. Plastic wood decking has few downsides that homeowners should know about. This write-up discusses the problems of composite wood decking.

High Initial Cost

The initial cost of composite wood decking can be a problem if the homeowner is low on budget. It is because plastic wood decking is more expensive than timber decking. If you spend £15 to purchase a timber decking board, you will spend £25 to purchase composite. It implies that building a decking made of composite material in your home will cost more cash than timber. Also, if you are little on budget, you can easily build a big timber decking while the amount will just be enough for a small composite decking.

Not a Structural Material

Another problem with composite wood decking is that it is not a structural material. You can use timber or lumber to build a house, or you can use timber to support a structure. For example, the roof of your home has timber as its supporting structure. With hardwood, the roof structure will last long. You cannot use composite wood decking to support the structure of your home. Most homeowners think that because composite wood is a composite material, then it is stronger than wood.

 Of course, composite wood decking is stronger than wood, but it doesn’t have the strength to support building materials like wood. The primary purpose of making composite wood decking is to serve as a stepping board. When you install your composite on the joists, you must leave the appropriate space, which should not be too wide. Leaving a large space between the joists can cause your composite wood to cave in. This will happen because composite wood decking is not a structural material.

What Are the Problems of Composite Wood Decking?

You might think that the best way to put the heading is – composite decking can not be painted. You can paint your composite wood decking, but its makers will not recommend it. Composite wood decking has attractive colours that will create a good visual appeal in your yard. There are a lot of composite decking colour variations that you can select from. You can select grey as well as brown and any other dark-coloured composite wood that you want. 

But if you don’t want the available colours, you can give your decking a colour of your own. This implies that you can paint your decking with good latex paint, or you can stain the decking. Painting your composite wood decking will void the warranty that its makers place on the colour. Timber decking can be painted to any colour that its owner wishes without voiding any warranty. But with plastic wood decking, the situation is different. So, if you want to customise the appearance of your composite wood, you will find it a task that is not easy to do.

Wine Spill

Composite wood decking will get stained when wine spills on the surface. This implies that owners of composite must be on guard to maintain their decking. Most homeowners think that since plastic wood decking is better than timber, it should not get stained. Wine, oil and grease can easily stain the surface of your plastic wood decking. And when that occurs, you have to give your wood-plastic decking good scribing. With a brush and soapy water, you should scrub the top of your composite decking. Most homeowners consider this task as stressful and see wine stain on composite decking as a problem.

Mould and Mildew Attack

Composite decking has a plastic surface that prevents mould from reaching its core. That is why makers of plastic wood decking will present the decking as resistant to mould and mildew. But mould can still grow on your decking. This can occur if you don’t sweep leaves or organic material from the top of your plastic wood decking.


What are the problems of composite wood decking? Plastic wood decking is not a structural material and should not be used as such. Also, painting plastic wood decking is not a best practice which limits the kind of colour you can get.

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