A composite material is made when two materials with varied physical and chemical properties are mixed together to produce a finished product. 

The finished composite material is usually stronger, lightweight, and resistant to elements of weather. 

This makes the composite material more useful than the original material it replaces. One example of composite material is a composite decking board. 

Composite decking board is made from wood fibre and recycled plastic. The materials are mixed with a binding agent and then heated until it forms the board that will be used to build decking.

The composite decking board is durable, strong, and resistant to insect attack. The pigment of the composite decking board will not fade when exposed to the sun.

Also, unlike wood decking, it will not absorb water and rot.

This makes it a perfect replacement for wood decking. Let us consider the properties of a composite material.


One important property of composite material is that it is durable. This means that it will last longer than the material that it replaces. 

Consider composite decking, for example, composite decking will last longer than a wood decking when you install it in your house. This is because of the materials used to make it.

 The wood fibre and plastics that are used to make composite decking are bound together with an adhesive that makes it very strong.

This makes it resistant to lots of things. A heading will consider the resistant property of composite decking.

Low Maintenance 

Composite material, unlike wood material, has low maintenance. Wood decking, on the one hand, needs to be oiled, sand, and stained or painted to make it last longer.

Composite materials, on the other hand, do not need oiling, sanding, and painting because the pigmenting material used to make it will never wear out. 

Also, you don’t have to spend much time maintaining a composite material like you would a wood decking.

In addition, using a composite material will save you money because you won’t expend money to buy the materials you will use to maintain it.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Composite materials are lightweight. This means that you can carry them easily. In addition, the weight of the material will not overwhelm the structure that it is placed on.

Also, transporting or moving them from one place to another is easy. 

One interesting thing about composite materials is that they are very strong despite the fact that they are lightweight.

The strength makes it possible for them to serve a building structure.

 Another thing about composite materials is that they are easy to install. This means that you can cut them easily if you have to.

Also, the materials are workable and will fit easily into wherever you put it.

Good Texture

Composite materials like composite decking have a good texture. This means that they can be manipulated to produce a surface that fits a particular need. 

For example, most composite decking boards are finished in different colours. This colour makes the surface and you decking beautiful.

Composite materials can be made to look like wood decking if the wood grain finish is applied to the surface. 

This feature will attract homeowners that love the wood look. Composite materials can be made to have an anti-slip surface.

An anti-slip surface makes it possible for you to walk on your decking without stumbling.


Composite materials are resistant to a number of things. For example, they are resistant to insect attack. This is because the material used to make them is what insects like termite cannot consume.

 Also, mould and mildew cannot grow on the surface of composite decking material. Composite decking materials are also resistant to water.

This means that the decking will not absorb water when installed in a place closed to water. 

Also, it will not rot like a wood decking material as a result of absorbing water. The surface pigment of composite material is resistant to the UV rays of the sun.

It will not fade even when you have used it for a long time.

In addition, composite materials will not split or break when exposed to the sun’s rays like wood materials.


The properties of composite material are many and they include durability, resistance to insect and weather elements, good texture, and low maintenance.

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