Installing composite decking is not an easy task. Not at least for those that are mastering the art. But the good side about installing plastic wood decking is that homeowners can do it themselves to save cash. That said, homeowners must know how to use saws, hammers and tape when building their decking. To completely install your wood-plastic decking, you need all the accessories. What are the various composite decking accessories? To know what you need to erect your plastic wood decking, keep reading this write-up. 

Composite Decking Accessories and Their Uses


The first composite decking accessory that we will discuss is decking posts. The posts of decking are what will raise it from the ground. Your composite decking posts can be a few meters high. When you want to build an elevated plastic wood decking, you will need posts to lift it from the ground. Aside from lifting your composite decking, the posts serve as the foundation. It is what clasps your plastic wood decking in place. When you purchase your plastic wood decking, the supplier will not sell the posts.

 Homeowners have to buy their decking posts separately. There are several materials homeowners can select as their decking posts. The composite decking accessories might not seem relevant, but it is. It is because your decking can collapse if you use the wrong posts. Timber posts are common and are plentiful and cheaper, making them perfect for homeowners on a budget. But timber posts will not last long. 

Remember that you are installing composite decking, which will last longer than timber. Timber posts will eventually rot, and when this happens, your wood-plastic decking will collapse. So, to prevent decking collapse, you should use polymer posts. This kind of post is made of plastic and will not rot like timber. Another post homeowners can use to build their plastic wood decking is composite posts. 

Composite Decking Joists

This is another accessory homeowners must get before building their decking. Your composite decking joists are a fixture of wooden planks. The planks are attached to the decking posts. Like wood posts, wooden joists will rot after you have installed them. There is another alternative to wooden joists, and that is composite joists. This joist is made of wood-plastic material, and it is the best decking accessory to use during installation. 

Screws as an Accessory

One wood-plastic decking accessory that you need to build your decking is a screw. This accessory is perfect for surface installation, and you can use it with ungrooved plastic wood decking. 

Clips and Fasteners

Composite decking accessories

Clips and fasteners are other composite decking accessories that you need when building your decking. Clips that are shaped in the form of the letter T are called intermediate clips, while the other kind of clips is called starter clips. You will use starter clips at the edge of your plastic wood decking to install the boards. The intermediate clips are perfect for joining two composite decking boards. Homeowners that choose to install their plastic wood decking using the hidden method will need clips and fasteners. Engineers make this wood-plastic composite decking installation accessory with metal so that it will be strong. 

To use your clips, you must finish building your wood-plastic decking joists. After building the joists, lay the decking boards on them. You should install the first sets of plastic wood decking with the starter clips. And you should use intermediate clips to fix the remaining boards. Clips won’t work alone to hold the decking boards to the joists. To fix your clips to your plastic wood decking joists, you need fasteners. Fasteners are like screws, but instead of driving it through the decking boards, you use them to attach the clips to the joists. 

Composite Decking Edging Accessories

Decking edging is another accessory homeowners need to finish their decking. When building your plastic wood decking, you will need to cover the edge. Leaving the edge or tip of your plastic wood deck uncovered will not make it attractive when you look at the decking from the front. Composite decking edging helps you to achieve beautiful decking. You can attach the edging to the front of your decking to create a seamless integration with your plastic wood decking surface. This will provide a better aesthetic for your plastic wood decking.


What are the various composite decking accessories? Accessories are things you need to install your patio. You will need polymer or composite posts, composite joists, screws or clips and fasteners and decking edging to erect your decking.

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