If you want to cover the exterior of your home with a durable cladding material, there are things you should know about composite cladding to help make up your mind. This write-up gives you detailed information about composite cladding. Let’s commence by defining composite cladding.

What Is Composite Cladding?

Composite cladding is a structural covering material made with wood dust and plastic. The makers of plastic wood cladding designed it for external use. That is, to cover the exterior wall of your house. As a structural material, composite cladding is durable, and it will last longer than the wood cladding. 

Is Composite Cladding Expensive?

It depends on how you define expensive. Composite cladding is more costly than the wood cladding. But when you compare it with stone cladding, composite is not as expensive as stone. If you go further and compare it with vinyl, it is more costly than the vinyl cladding. Homeowners often compare composite cladding with wood cladding because it is a popular alternative to wood. That is why most homeowners have the feeling that it is costly to install composite cladding.

Is Composite Cladding Worth Installing?

Even though composite cladding is more expensive than wood, some homeowners still use plastic wood cladding. Composite cladding is durable, firm, and it will last longer than the wood cladding. It is simple to maintain, and the maintenance requires simple tools like a brush. Wood cladding is like other wood material, and it is difficult to maintain. You have to sand, seal, stain or paint your wood cladding to make it last longer. The money you will spend maintaining your wood cladding is much. Calculate the amount you will pay in five years. You will realise that composite cladding saves more money than wood cladding.

 What Composite Cladding Colour Can I Get?

What Are Things I Should Know About Composite Cladding

There are different composite cladding colours that you will get in the market. You can get anthracite grey, grey, brown, and oak composite cladding. Aside from that, you can customise your composite cladding to make it look like wood. If you want a cladding that will replace your wood cladding, then a composite cladding with wood grain finish will do the job.

Can I Install My Composite Cladding Myself?

Installing your composite cladding is easy if you are a skilled worker. So, if you are good at handling tools, and you have experience installing cladding, then you can install your plastic wood cladding yourself. Words of caution here are that you must be careful to follow best practice. If you are not a handy person, then you should hire an installer to do the task for you.

Will Composite Cladding Add Extra Weight to My House?

Composite cladding is a lightweight covering material. It is unlike stone cladding that is heavy and adds extra weight to the structure you install it on. So, when you install composite cladding be rest assured that it will not add excess weight to your home.

Does Composite Cladding Need Maintenance?

Composite cladding is like other structural material that requires maintenance. The difference between the composite cladding and most covering material like wood is that composite cladding is simple to maintain. So, no need to paint the cladding to make it last longer—also, no need to seal it. If there is dirt like mud on your cladding, you can spray it with a hose, and it will be clean. 

Can I Paint My Plastic Wood Cladding?

Another thing to know about composite cladding is that you can paint your composite cladding after you have used it for a long time. Although it is not advisable to paint your cladding, painting it will make you customise the colour to that of your taste. To paint your cladding, all you need is good latex paint and a roller. You should ensure that the cladding is clean and free from the sand before you start painting.

Can Insect Attack Composite Cladding?

Plastic wood cladding will resist insect attack. It is one way in which it differs from the wood cladding. Timber cladding is susceptible to termite. Although wood cladding panels contain chemicals that make them resist insect, termites will attack it when it is weak from prolonged use.

Will Plastic Wood Cladding Rot?

Rot is widespread in the wood cladding. It is because wood cladding absorbs lots of water which will, in turn, make it swell. Composite cladding absorbs little water, so it will not swell and rot like wood cladding.


There are things you should know about composite cladding to help you make the right decision when choosing a cladding material. This write-up explains everything about composite cladding.

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