There is no gain emphasising that timber decking is not the ideal outdoor flooring material in the UK. Garden owners that installed wood decking have discovered that it is not easy to maintain. Aside from that, timber decking is not the less durable flooring material. Engineers have created several alternatives to timber decking, which are trending in the UK market. Composite decking is one of them. Another alternative to timber decking is PVC decking. Other alternatives are aluminium and bamboo decking. So, what are timber decking alternatives in the UK? Let’s consider each timber decking alternatives homeowners can use. 

Why Is Timber Decking not the Best Flooring Material?

If you have installed timber decking in your home, you will know more about its disadvantages. But if you haven’t, timber decking disadvantages will be new to you. For starters, installing wood decking in your garden will expose it to the elements like moisture, the UV rays of the sun and changing temperature. This reduces the lifespan of timber decking. Moistures is one element of nature that easily destroy timber decking after you have installed it. 

It infiltrates the surface of the decking thoroughly and causes swelling of the boards. When timber decking swells, its shape will be distorted, and the boards will be out of place. Moisture will eventually lead to rot, and if the boards dry quickly, it will lead to cracks on the surface of timber decking. The UV ray of the sun is another element of weather that will make timber decking less attractive.

 It fades wood decking surface colour, making garden owners paint the decking every year. Temperature affects lumber decking to the extent that it can make it crack or splinter. Heat will expand lumber decking, while cold will contract it. This process will easily destroy timber decking because it is a less durable material. It is because of these disadvantages that engineers create composite decking and other decking types to replace wood. 

Composite Decking as an Alternative to Timber

The best alternative to wood decking that UK homeowners can use in the garden is composite decking. Unlike wood that becomes susceptible to the elements easily, plastic wood decking will not. The material makes up of composite decking is a combination of wood and plastic. Since wood is strong and plastic is water-resistant, composite decking is both strong and water-resistant. As an alternative to timber, you can install your plastic wood decking in any UK environment because it is perfect for all weather.

Timber decking alternatives

The elements will not affect wood-plastic composite decking like timber, nor will insects destroy it. Installing your composite decking in your garden comes with a guarantee that you will enjoy the decking for up to 25 years. And that 25 years include less laborious maintenance. Compared to wood, the way homeowners take care of composite decking is easier. No need for homeowners to sand, seal and paint their wood-plastic composite decking. The aesthetic value of wood-plastic composite is higher than timber. 

During production, engineers add beautiful colours to the surface of their composite decking. This makes composite decking surface texture stay beautiful all year round. But since wood have to be painted, and the paint fades quickly, you must paint your timber decking consistently. Wood-plastic decking enables homeowners to save cash they would have spent taking care of it. When selling a property, a house that has composite decking as its flooring material will sell better than ones that have wood. 

PVC Decking as an Alternative to Timber

Another alternative to timber decking that UK homeowners can use is PVC decking. This outdoor flooring material has the property of plastic because engineers make it with plastic. But PVC decking does not have the property of wood because timber is not part of its material composition like composite decking. Yet, PVC decking is still better than timber decking. Elements of weather like moisture and the UV of the sun will not destroy plastic decking surfaces. PVC decking will not break, crack or splinter. 

Aluminium Decking 

Aluminium is another alternative to timber decking, and it is a long-lasting material because of its material composition. Although expensive, aluminium decking will stand the test of time because its surface will not rot, and it requires easy maintenance. 


What are timber decking alternatives in the UK? Composite decking is the number one timber decking alternative in the UK. The decking is good for all environments and easy to maintain while resisting the elements of weather. Other alternatives are PVC decking and aluminium decking. 

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