There are lots of other cladding options available if you don’t want to use wood cladding. One such option is composite cladding. Aside from composite cladding, there is PVC cladding and aluminium cladding. These cladding materials are better alternatives, and you can use them in place of wood cladding.

Why Wood Cladding Is not Good Enough

Wood cladding is a common cladding material. Homeowners made use of wood cladding long before other cladding materials were invented. The purpose of adding cladding to the exterior wall of your home is to give it an extra layer of protection. 

Wood cladding protects the wall of your house from moisture and adequately insulates the wall. Also, wood cladding prevents excess moisture from entering your home. Those are the good sides of wood cladding. Timber cladding also has its downsides. If you use your wood cladding for a long time, it will become susceptible to termites. 

This means that insects will be able to eat your timber cladding until they destroy it. If insects do not eat it, moisture will destroy your wood cladding. Timber cladding readily absorbs excess water in the air. When this occurs, the wood cladding will swell or expand. This will eventually make your wood cladding rot. If your cladding dries quickly, it will shrink or break.

 Maintenance is another downside of wood cladding. This is because wood cladding is not easy to take care of. You have to stain or paint the wood cladding to make it endure for a long time. Also, before you paint or stain the cladding, you have to smoothen the surface by sanding it with sandpaper. 

The process of maintaining your wood cladding is difficult, and as if that is not enough, it will consume your time. Those are the reasons why wood cladding is not good enough, and why homeowners are searching for cladding that they can use in place of wood.

Cladding Materials that You Can Use in Place of Wood

Composite Cladding

What Can I Use in Place of Wood Cladding?

This is a durable and strong cladding material that stands to replace wood cladding. Homeowners are turning to composite cladding because it not only protects their homes from moisture but also beautifies them. Unlike wood, which has timber as its main composition, composite cladding contains wood fibre and plastic.

 A mixture of wood and plastic makes composite cladding resistant to insects. Since insects feed on timber and not plastic, they can destroy composite cladding.

This is because the composite cladding surface is coated with plastic, which shields the wooden part from attack. Aside from that, the composite cladding will not splinter or break when the temperature changes. 

The composite cladding will not warp or crack as a result of moisture absorption, like wood. You can take care of your composite cladding easily. Unlike wood cladding, which requires sanding, staining or painting, composite cladding does not require all of those.

If you want to clean your composite cladding, you can use a cloth to wipe dust or a brush. Another reason composite cladding is a good replacement for wood cladding is that it is aesthetically pleasing. 

We mentioned before that composite cladding does not only protect the walls of your house. Composite cladding adds beauty and makes your home attractive. There are lots of composite cladding colours that you can pick from. You can select grey, brown, anthracite grey or black composite cladding boards.

 One good thing about composite cladding is that the surface pigment or colour will not fade quickly like wood cladding. Since your composite cladding will last for a long time, the colour of your cladding will last as long as the cladding lasts. This makes composite cladding a better option to use in place of wood cladding.

PVC Cladding

PVC cladding is another cladding type that you can use in place of wood cladding. This cladding material contains only plastic. Like composite cladding, PVC cladding will protect the exterior wall of your home from moisture.

PVC cladding will also add aesthetic value to your home. Maintaining your PVC cladding is easy, and you can do it by wiping it with a cloth. Also, you can spray your PVC cladding with a hose. 

Aluminium Cladding

Another kind of cladding that you can use to cover the external wall of your house is aluminium cladding. This cladding material is made from metal, and it is strong. Another thing about aluminium cladding is that it does not require difficult maintenance like wood cladding.


There are several cladding materials that you can use in place of wood cladding. One of them is composite cladding. This durable and strong cladding material is easy to maintain, and it is aesthetically pleasing.

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