Composite decking boards are the most attractive outdoor decking materials that homeowners can install in their garden or outdoor space. Before you purchase your outdoor decking, you have to consider which colour is best for it. Choosing the right composite decking colour can be confusing because the boards come in an array of colours. To know what colour to select, you have to know the various colours composite decking boards come in. This write-up explains how you can select your composite decking colour.

Types of Composite Decking Colour

Selecting the right composite decking colour depends on the decking supplier that you are dealing with. When planning your outdoor decking project, it is better that you select one that supplies a large variety of composite decking. This allows you to select the best composite boards for your project. Most composite decking suppliers have composite decking boards that have different colours. To be sure about the kind of composite board colour you want to install, you should order a sample from your decking supplier. This will enable you to confirm the decking colour before you order a large quantity of composite decking.

Light Brown Composite Boards

Light brown composite boards are attractive. When you speak of composite decking, homeowners will think of brown composite boards. This kind of composite decking is the most common decking that homeowners are installing in their homes. Whether you are going for a traditional decking or a contemporary decking, brown composite boards will fit any design that you want. These kinds of composite boards are easy to clean and maintain. Also, these composite boards will not absorb much heat. So, if you dwell in a warm place, you should consider installing brown composite decking.

Dark Brown Composite Decking Boards

Another variant of brown composite decking boards is the dark brown decking boards. Like the light brown composite decking boards, dark brown is attractive and will fit any outdoor space that you install. This decking colour type is loved because of its rich appearance. The good side about dark brown composite decking boards is that they are also easy to maintain. Dark brown boards are also good to create a modern or contemporary garden in your home. The downside of dark brown composite decking is that the colour absorbs much heat. This makes dark brown composite boards not suitable for the hot region.

Light Grey Composite Decking Boards

Light grey composite decking is another kind of composite board available in most composite decking stores. This kind of composite decking board colour is also as common as brown decking. You can use grey composite decking boards to brighten up a dark spot in your garden, usually under a shade or a tree. This composite decking colour makes it possible for you to create a consistent theme with other materials on your decking, like furniture. Most light grey composite decking is manufactured with a beautiful finish.

Dark Grey Composite Decking Boards

What Colours Do Composite Decking Boards Come In?

Dark grey composite decking boards will add an attractive look to your garden, like the light brown colour. This delivers it one of the best composite decking boards colour that you can add to your garden. Dark grey composite decking will not scratch, and it is perfect to create a contemporary decking in your home. Also, dark grey composite decking colour will match with furniture you place on your decking and create a consistent theme to make your garden look modern. Like the dark brown colour composite decking, dark grey will absorb much heat, making it unfit for warm places.

Silver Decking

Silver decking is the best composite decking board that you can use to create a modern garden. The colour is attractive and will give your garden a good visual impression when you install them. Silver is best for a surface that does not have much foot traffic and will not take in lots of heat like the dark-coloured decking. 

Tips of Selecting the Right Composite Decking Colour

When you are about to install composite decking, you should consider the environment before you start. Your environment affects the kind of composite decking that you install. If you dwell in a warm place, you should consider light-coloured boards. But if you dwell in cold places, you should consider any, whether dark-coloured or light-coloured. 


What colours do composite decking boards come in? Composite boards come in several colours that make them attractive. You should consider your environment before selecting the right decking colour.

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