The successful introduction of composite decking into the market has led to new generation decking boards. The early generation composite wood decking has advantages that surpass wood decking. But the early generation decking has its disadvantages too. The surface of the old generation composite boards is not coated so that it is resistant to water. This makes the early generation susceptible to mould or mildew. Then the newer generation plastic wood decking was developed. The development of the newer decking leads to improve performance. This is because the surface of the decking is coated with PVC. Homeowners are asking, what is PVC warped composite decking? 

Composite Decking, What is It?

Unlike the old generation plastic wood decking that does not have plastic protection on its surface, PVC warped composite has plastic covering on three or four sides of the boards. Before looking at the advantages of PVC warped composite decking, let’s look at how plastic wood decking is made. Homeowners new to composite decking have heard engineers calling it wood-plastic composite or plastic wood decking. This is because the material composition is plastic and lumber. Composite decking is a mixture of PVC films and lumber. Both PVC and lumber are recycled materials that have been thrown away. 

The plastic or PVC films that engineers used to make composite decking can be polythene or polypropylene. These two plastic materials work better with lumber fibre to create a strong and resilient outdoor flooring material. How engineers make, plastic wood decking is simple. They mix the plastic film and wood fibre with an adhesive and put them in a furnace. After the plastic wood decking is formed, engineers will cut them into boards.  

How Is PVC Warped Composite Decking Different from Composite Decking

For a start, PVC warped composite decking is the same as composite decking. But the difference is that PVC warped composite decking is cover with plastic. To make homeowners understand it better. After the usual composite decking was made, the surface is a mixture of wood and plastic. Although the usual composite decking is strong and resistant to moisture, it will eventually absorb moisture. This implies that when you build your plastic wood decking outdoors, moisture can easily damage it.

 But the newer generation or the PVC warp decking performs better than the old one. The surface of the newer composite boards has a plastic coating or covering on its surface that provides extra protection against moisture. The four sides, or in some cases the three sides of the newer generation composite decking, has PVC coating that stops water from entering the boards. This makes PVC warped decking different and better than the usual plastic wood decking boards. 

Advantages of PVC Warped Composite Decking

Pvc warped composite decking

PVC warped composite decking has many advantages that make homeowners keep on installing it. 

PVC Warped Decking Can Be Installed near a Pool

The advantage of PVC warped composite decking is that you can install it close to water. Most outdoor decking material will not perform well when you install it near water. Wood, for example, will swell when water touches the surface. Early generation composite wood decking will resist moisture to some extent, but will eventually absorb water. A decking that has plastic film protection will resist moisture well. This allows homeowners to install PVC warped decking near a pool and be assured that it will not absorb water. Since newer generation decking can be customised to be slip-resistant, walking on it is safe. 

Dockside Decking Installation

PVC warped decking is also good for dockside installation. It is because the surface provides better water insulation than wood and early generation decking. 

Long-Lasting and Durable

Another advantage of PVC warped decking is that it is long-lasting and durable. Since water destroys timber decking easily, PVC warped composite decking will not be destroyed by water or moisture. This makes installing plastic coated composite decking worthwhile. Another advantage of PVC warped composite decking is that it will last longer than timber and the normal composite decking. It will resist moisture, heat and insects better than timber decking material. 


What is PVC warped composite decking? This kind of decking has a plastic coating or covering on its surface and provides better moisture resistance than timber. This decking will also last longer and offer better resistance to other elements of nature.

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