Wood decking used to be the most common decking material in the UK before engineers developed composite decking. Timber decking is cheap and is readily available for homeowners that need them. But using wood decking in the UK might not be the best option. Wood decking will swell, rot, break, or shrink when homeowners expose it to the elements of mother nature. It makes homeowners look for alternatives to timber decking. This write-up answers the question, what is the best alternative to wood decking in the UK?

Why Is Wood Decking No Longer the Ideal Decking Material in the UK?

Long before other decking materials were developed, wood decking has been the only option homeowners can use to build decking. Even at that time, homeowners in the UK and other places must clean their wood decking. Cleaning or maintaining wood decking is not the problem because even the best decking material needs maintenance. But the way homeowners will clean their wood decking is the problem. Unlike modern decking materials that have little or less stressful cleaning, wood decking requires sanding, in addition to painting or staining. 

When maintaining their wood decking in the UK, homeowners must scrub to remove mould and mildew from the decking surface. This elaborate maintenance process makes wood decking difficult to maintain and why homeowners neglect their decking maintenance. Another reason wood decking is no longer the ideal decking material is that it is less resistant to the elements of weather and insects. Mother nature elements like rain and heat will make wood decking swell or shrink, reducing the lifespan of the decking.

The Best Alternatives to Wood Decking in the UK

Engineers find it crucial to develop other decking materials that will serve as an alternative to wood decking because of its disadvantages. Two common outdoor flooring materials homeowners in the UK can use as an alternative to timber decking are composite decking and plastic decking. 

Composite Decking

The noticeable difference between composite decking and wood decking is the aesthetic. Composite decking is attractive and has beautiful, long-lasting colours than wood. There are other differences between composite decking and timber decking. This difference is in the material composition. Composite decking is a composite material that has timber fibre and recycled plastic as its material composition. Wood decking has natural lumber as its primary composition. Natural lumber will not perform well under bad weather; that is why wood decking will be destroyed when the elements of mother nature act on it. As a composite material, composite decking is stronger and better than timber decking. Its texture is strong enough to resist weather elements, insects, and foot traffic. 

Why Composite Decking is the Best Alternative to Wood Decking In the UK

best alternative decking in UK

Composite is the best alternative for timber decking homeowners in the UK to build a decking in their garden. It is because composite wood decking is durable, firm, easy to maintain, and easy to build. 

Durable Composite Wood Decking

One reason composite wood decking is the best material UK homeowners can use is that it is durable. The way composite wood decking is made render it durable and better than wood decking. As a composite material, wood-plastic composite is strong, impervious to moisture, and resistant to insects. Composite wood decking will not swell, rot, break, warp, and splinter like timber decking when building it in your garden.

Composite Wood Decking Is Easy to Maintain

One reason homeowners across the UK consider composite decking as an alternative to wood in the UK is that it is easy to maintain. Cleaning composite wood decking is easy and does not involve sanding, staining, and painting. It implies that homeowners can do the maintenance task easily without hiring a cleaner. Also, homeowners will not spend money to maintain their wood-plastic decking, making them save their cash.

Aesthetic of Composite Decking

The aesthetic value of composite wood decking is another reason homeowners use it as an alternative to timber decking. The surface colour of wood-plastic composite will last more than timbers. It is because wood-plastic composite fades less quickly than wood. Also, you can select wood-plastic decking of various colours and textures that suit your taste. 


What are the best alternatives to wood decking in the UK? Composite decking is the best alternative to wood decking in the UK. This outdoor decking product is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and not difficult to maintain.

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