There are three back garden decking solutions available to homeowners in the UK. Composite decking is the most preferred outdoor flooring material for UK homeowners. Next to composite decking is plastic or PVC decking. This decking type is similar to composite decking and offers a similar advantage. The third back garden solution for UK homeowners is wood decking. Timber decking is the most popular outdoor flooring material because homeowners had used it long before engineers invented plastic and WPC decking. So, what is the best back garden decking solution in the UK?

Wood Decking Back Garden Solution

The most popular back garden decking solution in the UK is wood decking. But popularity does not translate to durability and long lifespan. Wood decking is the oldest decking type, and homeowners have used it long before improve technology gave rise to the creation of newer and better decking. The materials engineers used to make wood decking is lumber. They got the lumber by cutting trees from the forest and processing the trees to form wood boards. Lumber decking is not considered eco-friendly because the process of manufacture destroys forest lumber. 

There are two kinds of lumber decking. One is the hardwood lumber decking, while the other is the softwood decking. Hard lumber decking does not need chemicals because they are strong, and the wood is hard and durable. Soft lumber decking is the opposite of hardwood decking. It does need chemicals to be durable and will not last long without chemicals. If you are scanning for the best back garden decking solution, wood decking is not the right material to consider. When you installed lumber decking, the material will not last long.

 Aside from that, lumber decking has poor resistance to the elements. And lumber decking is not easy to maintain. The maintenance of lumber decking requires that you spend the extra cash, and it is tedious. Lumber decking needs scrubbing, sanding and sealing. Homeowners that installed lumber decking must sand the surface to prepare it for painting. After staining the top of lumber decking, homeowners must seal it to keep moisture out. This makes lumber or wood decking a poor choice for outdoor flooring. 

Composite Decking Back Garden Solution 

Best back garden decking solution

Another decking that is good to install is plastic wood decking. If you are looking for the best back garden solution, composite decking is a material to consider. The attributes of composite decking are different from wood. You can maintain your wood-plastic composite decking easily. Aside from that, installing plastic wood decking outdoor in your garden will not make it less durable. This best back garden solution in the UK has better resistance to moisture, heat, and other elements of mother nature.

 Insects like termites that are common in garden soil will not destroy wood-plastic decking boards. To clean wood-plastic composite, homeowners have to sweep or spray the top with a garden hose. There is no need to seal wood-plastic composite boards because the top has a protective shell that prevents moisture intrusion. Preventing moisture intrusion is not the only benefit of composite decking protective shells. 

The shell protects the top of composite wood decking from the UV rays of the sun. This makes the surface colour of plastic wood decking last longer than wood or plastic. Heat will not crack wood-plastic composite. Also, composite decking has a slip-resistant top. With composite decking, there is a guarantee that you will use the material for about 25 years. 

Plastic Decking Back Garden Solution

Plastic is another material that is similar to composite decking. But unlike wood-plastic decking, plastic decking does not contain timber as part of its component. But like composite wood decking, plastic decking has similar attributes. You can easily clean your PVC decking, and it requires less cash than wood. No need for garden owners to sand, stain or seal their plastic decking surface during maintenance. 

Also, plastic decking has better resistance to the elements of weather than wood decking. This makes plastic decking one of the best back garden solutions in the UK. But plastic decking does not have the surface of composite decking. This is because engineers can customise the surface of composite decking so that it will look like wood. The wood-grain surface of composite decking is attractive and appeal to homeowners that love the wood feel. 


What is the best back garden decking solution in the UK? The best back garden decking solution in the UK is composite decking and plastic decking. Both decking materials are strong, easy to maintain and resistant to weather. 

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