There are several types of composite decking available in the market today. This bestows you the ability to pick the right plastic wood decking that matches your project. Also, if you are new to composite decking, choosing the best composite decking will be a little tricky. So, what is the best composite decking for the money? The answer to that enquiry is straightforward. The best composite decking for the money is one that fits your outdoor flooring project perfectly. For you to understand what that means, please continue reading this write-up. Let’s consider the different kinds of composite decking.

Types of Composite Decking

We mentioned earlier that there are several types of composite decking. You will find hollow and solid composite decking. Also, you will find grooved and ungrooved composite decking. Aside from those that we mentioned, you will find capped and uncapped composite decking when you go to the market. All these composite decking materials are good, but the best composite decking, as we have mentioned earlier, is the one that matches your outdoor flooring project perfectly.

Hollow and Solid Composite Decking

Composite decking is engineered to provide the best outdoor flooring solution for your project. The boards are becoming lighter and stronger so that it will be easier for you to install them. Decking makers have applied different designs to their composite decking to achieve that. One such decking that is lightweight is hollow composite decking. Hollow plastic wood decking has hollows or channels inside the boards.

hollow outdoor decking

 The channels or hole runs from one edge of the board to the other edge. The main reason for hollow engineered decking is to create lightweight flooring materials. When your composite decking boards are easy to carry, you will be able to install it effortlessly. Aside from that, the panels will not put much weight on the substructure below.

 Before making hollow boards, makers of composite decking make solid composite decking boards. You can now guess that solid composite decking does not have holes that run from one end to the other. Also, they are heavier than hollow decking boards. 

Grooved and Ungrooved Plastic Wood Decking

best outdoor decking for the money

Grooved and ungrooved composite decking is another type of checking boards that you can use to build decking in your house. Grooved composite decking boards have channels in their sides. These channels or hollows are not inside the decking boards but are at the side of the panels. Like hollow composite decking, the holes on both sides run from one edge to the other. 

The reason for creating grooved composite decking is for you to be able to install it easily. Note that hollow and solid composite decking can have grooved sides. This will make it possible for you to use clips and fasteners to install your composite decking boards when building your decking. Grooved decking ensures that the screw is not visible when you look at the decking from the top. It concealed the fasteners at its sides. 

With grooved composite decking, you don’t need screws. Aside from grooved decking, there are the ungrooved or solid side composite decking boards. This type of composite decking requires screws to install the boards. Also, the screws are visible from the top and might cause safety issues when you walk on your composite decking.

Capped and Uncapped Plastic Wood Decking

Capped decking boards have an extra layer of plastics on covering their tops. This is the new generation composite decking. Its additional plastic coating ensures that the panels absorb less moisture when you install it outdoors. Aside from moisture, the extra layer of plastic protects the surface texture of your composite decking rain and element of mother nature. Also, the plastic coating makes it less like for your composite decking to absorb much stain when it comes in contact with it. 

This means that if oil or grease stain spill on your plastic wood decking, it will not soak into the body like it will wood decking. So, this makes cleaning composite decking earlier. The uncapped composite decking is also durable like the capped, but it doesn’t have the extra layer of plastic on top. This decking type is the first generation composite decking.

Which Composite Decking Is Best?

Like we mentioned before, the bed composite decking for the money is the one that suits your needs. Suppose you want to carry out an outdoor flooring project. You should consider capped composite decking and decking that is grooved. Note that single decking boards can have capped surfaces, grooved sides, and a hollow interior. 


When you are building a decking, you should consider your circumstances to know which composite decking is best for your money. 

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