Want to build a deck in your backyard? There are a few options that you can choose from. One of the most used types of boards is composite decking

They are more expensive than the usual wooden decks, which is one reason why folks hesitate to use them.

With that said, composite decking is worth the extra money. It has many advantages over wood. But to get the most out of your budget, you will need to choose the best composite decking. 

Best Composite Decking for Your Money

There are various types and brands of composite decking on the market. Each one of them is available at different price points.

And every one of them is different from each other, having advantages and disadvantages over each other.

 So building the best composite decking for your money depends on the materials that you buy. Here are a few helpful tips to get the best composite decking for your money. 

Don’t Judge Solely on Brands

There’s no denying that branded international composite decking boards are of the best quality. However, it doesn’t mean you should ignore other brands.

And it doesn’t mean they are second-rate in quality either. 

There are many other composite decking companies available in the market. Some of them are locally branded.

Since some of these brands produce their materials by themselves, they don’t need to import products. 

Because of this, you may be able to buy cheaper boards with the same quality.

And since most of them can be found online, it wouldn’t hurt to check them out before you make any big purchases. 

It’s also helpful to watch out clearance sales and promotions from suppliers. You can also find great deals when buying materials during off-peak seasons.

Capped vs. Uncapped Boards

Another choice that you have to make when purchasing composite decking boards is choosing whether to buy capped or uncapped materials. Which one is better for your money?

Capped composite decking boards have a plastic coating on all the faces of the board except on the bottom for breathability. The coating prevents the board from being damaged from the elements. 

Because of this, they can last longer than non-capped ones. So if you want a board that can last longer, capped decking boards may be more worth your money.

Grooved vs. Ungrooved Decking

Another classification of decking boards is grooved and ungrooved. What are they, and which one is best for your money? 

What are grooved decking boards? Grooved boards have small indents on their sides. These spaces were made to be used with hidden fastening systems. 

best grooved decking

With hidden clips, you can have a deck with a cleaner and smoother surface. On the other hand, ungrooved decking boards have no such features and use the conventional screws or nails for fastening.

As you would expect, grooved decking boards can be a little more than ungrooved ones, and the fact that you need to buy the hidden clips. 

Despite this, it’s still more worth than buying ungrooved for most cases.

With hidden clips, you don’t need to worry about the screws or nails popping out, which can both be damaging to the deck and dangerous to people.

 However, there are certain cases where an ungrooved decking board can be useful. 

Installing the Deck by Yourself

Aside from saving money from choosing the right materials, you can also lessen the cost by building the decking all by yourself.

All you need to have are the materials and the knowledge to do it. 

For the tools, you can consider renting them. Or better, you can borrow them from your friends or family.

As for the know-how, there are many easy-to-follow guides available on the internet. 

So if you have some experience in construction or feeling confident, consider building the deck yourself. Ask the help of friends and family members while you’re at it. 

Composite decking is more expensive than wood. However, if you shop smart, look for great deals, consider other brands.

And choose the right materials for your needs and preference, you’ll get the best wood plastic decking for the money.


The best composite decking is one that fits your project perfectly. You should think before you use a capped or uncapped composite decking. Also, you can use a grooved or ungrooved composite decking. It all depends on your decking project.

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