If you have a pool in your home, you can build decking around it. But you can’t just build any decking; you have to build the right one. Your pool is a relaxation hub and a place you should have fun. Whether you are sitting at the edge of the pool and enjoying the view or splashing in the pool, you deserve a good experience. One way to get a good experience is to have a guarantee that you and your family are safe walking at the edge of your pool. That is why you must install the best decking material like composite decking around your pool. So, what is the best decking to build around a pool? 

Type of Pool Decking 

Homeowners have explored different materials to put around their pool. One pool decking material is concrete. Others are wood and composite decking. 

Concrete Pool Decking

Concrete pool decking is a mixture of cement and sand. This material is strong and durable, with little risk of getting damaged quickly. Concrete can withstand water and lots of foot pressure when you install it around your pool. There are several types of concrete decking. They include pavers, stones, bricks and tiles. The problem with concrete, whether it is pavings, stones or tiles, is that they will crack over time due to the elements.

Tiles Pool Decking

Tiles is another material that homeowners can put around their pool. Decking tiles come in a variety of colour and design pattern that adds texture to your pool edge. One thing about pool tiles is that you have to maintain them if you want them to stay beautiful. Also, your pool tiles can crack if you drop heavy objects on them. 

Wood Pool Decking

Another material that you can put around your pool is wood decking. Wood decking is suitable for pool edge because of its smooth surface. The surface of timber pool decking makes it easier for you to walk on it barefooted. You ensure that your timber decking lasts longer; you have to use sturdy timber material like hardwood decking and pressure treats it with chemicals. Like tiles, wood pool decking requires annual maintenance, including sanding, staining, sealing and painting. 

Composite Pool Decking

Composite pool decking is another type of decking material that you can install around your pool. Just like wood, the advantage of composite pool decking is numerous. The smooth surface of composite decking allows you to walk on it barefooted. Aside from that, composite pool decking has a beautiful appearance. 

Best poolside decking

The colour of composite pool decking will not fade. Unlike wood, composite pool decking doesn’t require elaborate maintenance. You don’t have to sand, seal, stain, or paint your composite pool decking. The surface of composite pool decking is well protected from moisture or water and the sun’s UV rays.

How to Select the Right Decking for Your Pool

There are several factors that you must consider when choosing decking for your pool. One of them is how the pool decking absorbs sunlight. Another is how the pool decking absorbs water. Also, you have to consider the texture of the pool decking material. 

Heat Absorption

Most homeowners will use their pool on a hot sunny day. If the pool decking material used will absorb lots of heat from the sun, then it might not be easy for you to walk on it. Pool decking materials like concrete, tile and wood decking can absorb heat. They will make it difficult for you to walk on them on a hot day. The best decking type that you can use for your pool is one that allows you to walk on it even when the sun is hot. 

Water Resisting Properties

Another thing that you should consider when installing a pool decking is the water-resisting properties. Building a decking, they will absorb water around your pool will only destroy it. Wood decking will readily absorb water, but composite decking will not. So, when searching for the best pool decking, you should consider wood plastic composite. This is because wood-plastic composite has a capped surface that has extra plastic protection.

Slip Resistance

Slip resistance is another thing you must consider when you are installing a decking. The best pool decking to use is non-slip composite decking. This decking type is suitable for poolside because it has lines on its edge that reduce fall when you walk on it. 


The best decking for a pool is slip-resistant, water-resistant, UV and heat-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. Composite pool decking is one material that has all these properties. 

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