The best fencing material for your garden is one that will not only give protection but one that will last long. A fence is made of different materials and those materials have a bearing on how long the fence will last. For example, a fence made with concrete is totally different from one made with PVC or Vinyl. There are other fencing materials like wood and composite fence panels.

 The different materials are much sought after by homeowners and the reason is because of the features they offer. A good fence will provide protection for your garden or yard.

 Also, it will beautify the garden. In addition, you can paint your fence any colour that you want. One thing about fencing materials is that there are some that are made in different colours. 

One such example is a composite fence panel. This article will examine the different fencing materials.

Metal Fence

Metal fences are made of metallic materials like aluminium, wrought iron, and chain link. These metallic materials are popularly used today by most homeowners. 

One other thing about metal fences is that they are inexpensive. But adding them to your house may not make it look beautiful like when you use other materials. 

Also, metal fences need constant rubbing and painting to keep them from getting damaged because of rust. 


This type of fencing material is good because it is stronger. This is because of the materials that are used to make it. 

Also, it is flexible and more durable than a wood fence. In addition to that, when you install this fence, you don’t have to maintain it the way you would a wood fence. 

All you have to do is clean the fence when it is dirty. Vinyl fences are known to last for up to 20 years, which is a long time.

Concrete Fence

Although this fence is better than most fencing types, the concrete fence cannot be used in all places.

 If there is limited space and you need a fence that is not elaborate or one that will not consume space, a concrete fence is not the best option. 

Aside from that, concrete fences are durable and will last long. Concrete fences will last longer than most fences but they are expensive to install and are permanent. 

Removing it, if you change your mind, will be difficult and time-consuming. 

No need for elaborate maintenance, except patching the fence with a mortal, if the fence cracks.

Wood Fence

Different types of wood are used to make a wood fence. There is the cedar fence, which is slightly more expensive than other wood types. 

Also, there is teak and redwood. They offer protection to your garden and keep your property safe.

 Another wood fence option is the pressure-treated wood. 

This is a kind of wood that has been treated with chemicals to make it resistant to the elements of weather.

 In terms of durability and convenience, they are more durable than softwood and more convenient to install than concrete. 

The setback of a wood fence is that it will eventually warp and rot.

Composite Fence

best composite fencing material

Composite fence or wood plastic fence is made with composite materials like wood fibre and recycled plastics.

 One interesting thing about composite fences is that they are easy to install. 

Also, a composite fence is more durable than a wood fence. This is because it is resistant to insect attacks. This implies that termites will not be able to attack your fence.

 Also, mould and mildew will not grow on a composite fence if you clean it regularly. 

Maintaining it is very easy and can be done with just a broom and by sweeping it when it is dirty.

 You don’t have to oil or sand your composite fence to make it last. 

Another thing about composite fences is that they are made in different colours.

 This gives you the power to choose a fence colour that matches the colour of other materials in your garden. 

Which Is the Best?

Remember that it was stated at the beginning that a good fence will protect your yard and beautify it at the same time. 

When you examine all the different fencing materials, you will notice their setback.

 The only fencing type without a drawback is composite fencing. Composite fences offer better protection than the other fencing types. 

Also, they are made in different colours that make your yard beautiful. In addition, they can be installed easily.


You have seen that the best fencing material for your garden is one that will not only give your yard protection but will last long.


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