There are plenty of decking materials available for sale in the market when you go out to purchase one. If you are contemplating installing decking in your garden, building one is a good thing to do. But you must install a decking material like composite decking that will last longer and requires low maintenance. Maintenance is a crucial issue when building a decking. So, what is the best low maintenance decking material? But first, let’s know why homeowners must maintain their decking.

What Is Decking Maintenance?

decking material maintenance

Decking maintenance is the cleaning, care or upkeep that you give your decking to make it last longer. The essence of cleaning your decking is to make the surface texture clean and free of dirt. 

Maintaining or cleaning your decking will enable you to identify mould and mildew and other damage to your decking earlier. Also, a clean or well-maintained decking is a good decking, and it will reflect well on the owner.

Why Homeowners Must Maintain Their Decking

 A decking is like other household materials that will get damaged if you don’t clean or maintain them regularly. Homeowners must maintain their decking so that it will last longer. This means that when you don’t take care of your decking, it might become susceptible to mould and mildew or insect attack.

 Aside from increasing the longevity of your decking, maintaining your decking will remove any debris that accumulates on the surface. Debris like leaves or decaying organic matter can make the surface of your decking to be slippery when it is wet. Simple cleaning will ensure that your decking does not become slippery.

Decking Materials and Their Different Maintenance Process

Wood Decking Material

Wood or timber decking is one type of decking materials homeowners are using to make their decking. Timber, as you know, contains 💯 wood. Although some kinds of wood decking are treated with chemicals to make them strong, they will lose their durability if you don’t maintain them. 

The way you take care of wood decking makes it different from another decking. You have to give timber decking the regular cleaning that you will give your household items to make them clean. This you will do with a broom by sweeping the surface. If you don’t want to utilise broom, you can use a  water soaked cloth to wipe dirt off the top of your decking. 

Aside from this cleaning, you have to paint or stain your wood decking at least annually. Before you paint your timber decking, you must smoothen the surface by sanding with sandpaper. After smoothening the top, you can then apply the pigment. To prevent moisture from entering the wood, some homeowners seal their timber decking with a sealer. The process of maintaining wood decking is not an easy task, and it requires lots of cash. 

Composite Decking Material

Composite decking is another low maintenance decking material. This decking is the opposite of wood decking in the sense that it is easy to maintain. Note that some homeowners think that since composite decking is more durable than wood, it does not require maintenance at all. That assertion about composite decking is not valid. You must maintain or take care of your composite decking if you want it to last long.

decking maintenance

 But composite decking is different from timber. Unlike timber that contains 100% lumber, composite decking contains wood dust and plastic mixed in equal amounts. The process of maintaining composite decking is different from wood because it is not laborious. All you must do is use a cloth that you soaked in water to clean the top of your composite decking. 

If you seek to clear the mud off the top of your composite decking, you can use a water hose. Removing oil spill off the surface texture of composite decking is easy by scrubbing with a brush. This is because plastic wood decking surface texture or top has a plastic coating or covering that absorbs less liquid, unlike wood.

 Removing mould and mildew is also simple, and you can do that by scrubbing the surface. When you build composite decking in your backyard, you will spend less cash and time maintaining the decking and much time enjoying it.

Vinyl Decking Material

Vinyl is another low maintenance decking material. Maintaining vinyl decking is similar to maintaining composite decking. You must clean the surface texture of your plastic decking to make it look good. If you spot algae or mould on the surface, you can easily scrub it off with a brush. When you install vinyl decking in your yard, you don’t have to paint or stain the decking.


The best low maintenance decking material is one that requires simple cleaning or scrubbing and not painting or staining. Composite decking requires low maintenance, and with this decking material, you will spend your time enjoying it rather than maintaining it.

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