If you are about to install decking in your garden, you should ensure that you use the best material for the project. But what is the best-rated decking material available in the market? This question is crucial because there are several decking that you can purchase. There are wood, composite decking, and PVC decking. These decking materials come with their benefits, so you must be careful to choose the best-rated material for your project.

Types of Decking Material

Wood Decking

Wood or timber is one decking solution that homeowners have been using to build decking in their garden. The advantage of timber decking material is that it is cheaper than the other decking types. Also, homeowners have used timber decking for a long time, so they love the traditional wood look. 

The downsides of wood decking are numerous. These are reasons we don’t consider it as one of the best-rated decking materials. You have to maintain your decking, whether it is wood, composite or PVC. But the way you maintain timber decking is different. The process of cleaning or maintaining wood is tedious. 

It requires the regular cleaning and sanding, painting or sealing to make it last longer like composite. Owners of wood decking sand their decking to smooth the top. This is because they will apply paint to make the surface texture look good. Sanding a wood decking is a back-breaking task. Also, it will consume your time, cash and energy. 

Wood decking is less resistant to weather. This means that when you use timber for your decking project, rain or snow will make it less durable. Timber decking will absorb much moisture from rainwater or snow. This will make wood decking material to expand or swell. 

The swelling will put timber out of shape and rot the wood quickly. Aside from swelling, timber decking will not expand and contract gracefully if the temperature changes. This will result in cracking or warping of wood decking.  

Composite Decking

best rated decking material

Composite decking or WPC decking is different from wood. The difference between timber and composite decking is noticeable when you see them. WPC decking is aesthetically pleasing to look at than wood decking. The crack or warp associated with timber decking is not present in composite decking.

 Plastic wood decking will last longer than timber because it is a synthetic material. Makers of composite decking material it in a factory where they mix wood and plastic with an adhesive and heat them. The newly formed composite boards is a durable and strong product, and we consider it as the best-rated decking material.

 You must indeed maintain your composite decking. But how you clean or maintain composite boards is different from wood. With WPC decking, there is no need to sand, seal, or paint. You need to give your composite decking the normal cleaning you will give to other materials. This you can do with a broom or a cloth. 

Just use the broom to remove mud or leaves from the top of your composite decking. You can use a cloth to wipe the dust from your decking top. Another thing about composite decking is that you can remove wine, oil or grease spill easily. Just scrub the surface of your WPC decking as soon as oil, wine or grease spill on it. 

Composite decking has an improved surface texture that makes it absorb less stain. This improved surface texture also makes WPC decking to absorb less water than wood. So when it rains, your composite decking will not swell and rot. Aside from that, composite decking material will expand without cracking or splintering as long as you leave a 5 mm gap between the boards. 

Plastic or PVC Decking

You should know the difference between plastic wood decking and plastic decking. Plastic decking is unlike plastic wood decking because it contains only plastic. This decking material is also one of the best rated composite decking material. 

Since maintenance is a crucial issue when you build a decking, you can maintain your plastic decking easily. The process is similar to composite decking. You can use a broom or a cloth to remove twigs or smurf. Aside from that, plastic decking will not rot, break, crack or swell like timber decking. 

The surface texture of plastic decking material is also aesthetically pleasing. But the difference between composite and plastic decking is that the latter has the wood grain surface texture while the former does not. Wood Grain texture makes composite decking to look like timber.

Note that homeowners prefer traditional wood appearance. So, they want a decking material that replaces their timber decking and looks like timber. This is why composite decking is the best-rated decking material you can use for your outdoor project.


What is the best-rated decking material? The best-rated decking material is one that replaces timber or wood decking perfectly. Also, it should be durable and easy to maintain.

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