Improving your home is easy, thanks to artificial grass and other home improvement materials. But most of those home improvement materials are expensive for homeowners who have little cash. If you don’t plan to spend much to develop your backyard, you can still make it attractive with the little amount you have. One way homeowners can do that is by installing cheap artificial grass. And to further save cost, homeowners can plan to install the artificial turf themselves. So, what is the cheapest way to install artificial grass? This write-up examines the prices of fake grass and how you can install it yourself. 

Installing Artificial Grass Cheaply

Homeowners that desire to beautify their outdoor space with little cash can do that by installing cheap artificial grass. Aside from going for the low-end grass, homeowners can lay the grass themselves to save cost.

Explore Low Price Artificial Grass

There are different brands and grades of artificial grass available in the market that homeowners can select from. Homeowners have the option to install the low price fake grass or to install the high-end artificial grass with a high price tag. If you desire to spend a lot to install fake grass in your home, then you can go for the high-end grass. Those are top-quality and have a better aesthetic. 

High-end fake grass can cost more than £30 per square metre for homeowners that want to purchase it. If your garden is 100 square metre, you should be ready to spend £3000, on the fake grass. And if your backyard is bigger than that, homeowners will spend more. Spending £3000, on a 100 square metre backyard is quite expensive. Although there are lots of benefits from purchasing the high-end fake turf, it is not the right choice for homeowners that have little cash. 

That is why homeowners that are low on a budget should explore low-price artificial grass. Low-price fake grass sells for £5 per square metre. There is some fake turf that is lesser than that. If you desire to install your artificial grass in a 100 square metre backyard, you will spend about £500, to purchase the grass. So, installing cheap synthetic turf is one of the cheapest ways to install artificial grass. 

Try Installing the Grass Yourself

Another cheapest way to install artificial grass is for homeowners to try laying the grass themselves. But homeowners must be careful and be certain that they possess the right skills before they attempt installing the grass. Skills homeowners will need to lay fake turf are measuring skills, planning skills, and how to use building tools like a shovel. Homeowners that are not familiar with these tools should get used to them before trying to lay the grass. We have outlined the basic steps to install artificial grass yourself. 

What Is the Cheapest Way to Install Artificial Grass?

Step One- Prepare the Soil

Since you are installing artificial grass on the soil, you have to get the ground ready first. Ensure that the soil is well-levelled so that you will get a straight landscape after installing the grass. Excavate the soil a little and level it to the right depth. This means that homeowners can dig down a little into the soil when preparing the ground for their fake grass. Add a weed barrier to the soil to prevent grass from growing underneath your synthetic turf in the future. Homeowners must ensure that the surface is smooth and free of any debris or bump that can obstruct your synthetic grass. After digging or excavating to remove all obstacles, you should level the soil to make it smooth. 

Step Two – Fill the Soil with Crushed Rock

The second stage of installing your artificial grass is by filling it with crushed rock. Homeowners can crush gravel into bits and fill their backyard with it. After pouring the gravel on the soil, homeowners can tamper the gravel to go deep into the soil. Tampering the gravel is not an easy task, but it will help your grass gain a solid base. 

Step Three – Lay Down the Grass

Laying on the soil is the next step. Ensure that you unroll the artificial grass carefully, and you cover the space with it. Next, you should ensure that your synthetic grass has a smooth surface and nail down the border of the grass and apply sharp sand over the turf. 


What is the cheapest way to install artificial grass? Homeowners should go for the low-end cheap synthetic turf and install the grass themselves if they have little budget. 

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