Are you planning to install composite decking cheaply in the UK? This write-up gives you a head start on how you can install composite decking, spending less in the UK. Composite decking is more costly than lumber decking, making homeowners consider it as a decking that is not cost-effective. To reduce the amount you will spend installing your wood-plastic decking, you have to consider the kind of decking you purchase and whether you will install the decking yourself or you will hire an installer. Reading this write-up will answer the question, what is the cheapest way to install composite decking in the UK?

What Is Composite Decking?

If you want an outdoor flooring material that will not only last long but will resist the element, then you should install composite decking. This outdoor flooring or patio material is not only strong and durable, but it is attractive and will add aesthetic value to your yard. Unlike timber, plastic wood decking will last longer because it is made of synthetic materials. That is why engineers called it a composite material. The mixture of wood and plastic and bonding agent produce a decking that will stand the elements of mother nature. 

Why Most UK Homeowners Consider Composite Wood Decking to Be Expensive

For most homeowners in the UK, composite decking is not the best option. This is because of the initial price to purchase the decking boards. Wood-plastic composite decking cost more than timber. So, when homeowners go to a decking store to purchase a decking, they will go for a cheap one. Since wood decking is cheap, they will purchase wood decking. But unlike wood that will degrade quickly, composite wood decking will not.

 This makes plastic wood decking a better and cost-effective decking than timber. The lifespan of composite decking is twice that of wood, which means that you will install wood decking twice to reach a wood-plastic decking lifespan. Most UK homeowners are not aware of this long-term benefit of composite decking; they just look at the initial price and consider it expensive. But to reduce cost when you install composite wood decking, you should go by the advice in the following headings. 

Ways to Install Composite Decking Cheaply in the UK

Installing composite decking cheaply in the UK starts with good planning. When you plan your outdoor plastic wood decking, you will know what materials to use and whether you will install your decking yourself. Let’s start with the kind of decking material you should use.

Use Hollow Composite Decking Board

cheapest way to install decking uk

There are several plastic wood decking boards available for homeowners to purchase. But each plastic wood decking boards have their advantages. Hollow and solid wood-plastic decking boards are two types of decking that have different prices. If you want to install your composite decking cheaply in the UK, you should choose between hollow and solid decking wisely. Solid wood-plastic boards do not have spaces in between the boards.

 This kind of decking board is heavy and can withstand extra weight. Solid composite wood decking cost more than hollow decking. While solid decking does not have spaces, hollow decking doesn’t. Also, hollow decking cannot withstand much weight like solid. But this does not imply that hollow decking will collapse. Hollow decking is cheaper than solid, and it is perfect for homeowners that want to install their decking cheaply.

Consider the Texture of Your Decking

The texture of your composite decking matters if you want to install your wood-plastic decking cheaply in the UK. Do you love the wood-grain surface texture of composite wood decking? Then you should plan to spend more to install your decking. If you desire to install your composite decking cheaply, you should forfeit the wood-grain finish and install the regular colour composite decking boards. Note that the finer the surface texture, the more expensive the composite decking board.

Can You Install Your Composite Decking Yourself?

Another way to install composite decking cheaply in the UK is to install it yourself. Decking installation requires the skill of an expert installer. To hire an installer for your composite wood decking, you will spend extra cash. But if you desire to save cash, you must install your composite wood decking yourself. But you should possess the right skills to install your decking.


What is the cheapest way to install composite decking in the UK? The cheapest way to build your plastic wood decking in the UK is to install hollow boards, regular colour decking boards and install the decking yourself.

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