Building decking in your garden will give you extra space to carry out your activities and add beauty to the backyard. Homeowners love to recline in their garden during the summer period, where they will watch birds and nature. But the summer sun can make it impossible to stay on your decking if the decking becomes too hot. This has become a problem, and homeowners want a cool decking material. So, what is the coolest decking material? This write-up compares composite decking, wood decking and PVC decking material.

Why You Should Install a Cool Decking Material

The three decking material that we have just mentioned have properties that make them unique. Homeowners have chosen to use one of the decking material to floor their garden. The essence of building decking in your yard is to get additional space where you and your families can relax.

 Some homeowners have even created a replica of their home interior in their garden with a decking material like composite decking. Homeowners have beautified their garden ahead of the summer period. But with summer comes heat or warmth. 

This means that you won’t be able to step or walk on your decking because the surface will be scorching. What is the purpose of having a decking when you can relax on it? This question has prompt garden owners to look for cool decking. 

Types of Decking Material

Wood Decking Material

The number one decking material on our list is wood decking. This outdoor flooring material is made from natural wood fibre. It is a less durable material when you compare it to composite decking. Wood decking does not come with the kind of surface pigment or colour that composite decking comes with. 

Unlike composite decking, wood decking must be painted with latex paint to make it look good. When you install wood decking in your garden, it will readily absorb heat and become hot. This is one reason homeowners don’t consider wood decking as one of the coolest decking material. 

Using timber or wood decking in your garden will make it impossible for you to enjoy your outdoor activity during the summer. If you want the coolest decking material, wood decking is not the best option for your garden. There is another garden decking option that you can explore.

Composite Decking Material

This is another decking material that you can use to floor your garden. Plastic wood or composite decking has an attractive surface texture that is better than wood or PVC decking. This is because makers of plastic wood decking ensure that they finish the surface with heavy pigmentation. Heavy pigmentation will not fade easily.

 Composite decking has two kinds of colour. There is the light-coloured plastic wood decking and the dark-coloured plastic wood decking. If you have a backyard in your home, you can use composite decking for flooring it. Although composite decking will become hot like other household material, it will not become too hot. 

 Coolest Decking Material

This implies that unlike wood, composite decking will not become unbearable for you to walk on when you have your outdoor activity on it. Note that we mentioned before that there are two kinds of plastic wood decking colour. This dark-coloured plastic wood decking is not too good for a summer place or location.

 It is because dark-coloured plastic wood decking will readily take in lots of heat. And when dark-coloured plastic wood decking becomes hot, it will be difficult for you to walk on it. If you want the coolest decking material, you should select light-coloured plastic wood or composite decking.  Light-coloured plastic wood decking will not take in lots of heat so that you can walk on it during the summer times. 

Plastic Decking Material

The plastic decking material is different from the plastic wood decking material because it does not contain timber. Like plastic wood decking, PVC decking does not become hot like timber decking. 

Although plastic decking is not as cool as plastic wood or composite decking, it is still better for the outdoor sun. PVC will not take in lots of heat that will make you uncomfortable when you walk on it. Aside from that, you can select plastic decking that has light colour instead of dark-coloured ones.


What is the coolest decking material? If you want the coolest decking material, you should install light-coloured composite decking. This decking material will not take in much heat, and you will find it comfortable to walk on it.

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