The main differences between composite decking and cladding are the design and installation process. Composite cladding is installed on the side of a building, with an interlocking tongue and groove design at the sides that enable you to join the panels together. Where the tongue and groove interlock, you can screw through this section to attach the cladding boards to the batons on the wall. You must also ensure you pre-drill beforehand to allow for expansion and contraction.

Whereas most composite decking boards require hidden fasteners for the installation process. These fasteners are slotted into the channel, running down the side of the decking board, then screwed through the countersunk hole in the middle of the fastener. These are used for every single joist centre, and you will use roughly one pack of 100 fasteners for every 4 SQM of composite decking.

What Is A Composite material?

Composite materials are structural materials that contain wood fibres and plastic as their material composition. Composite material is produced with a mix of timber and plastic fibres bonded together with binding agents, heated and then moulded into the shape of the boards. This is then cut into various sizes to be used as decking or cladding within your exterior space. Composite material has numerous beneficial attributes, such as resistance against the elements, that make it ideal for use in your exterior space.

Advantages of Composite Materials

One advantage of composite materials is that they are more durable than wood decking or cladding. What this implies is that composite decking and cladding will last longer than wood decking or cladding. Additionally, composite material requires much less maintenance than other decking or cladding materials. The material can be easily and conveniently cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush. To learn how to properly maintain your deck in order to elongate its lifespan, read our article on maintenance.

In comparison, wood decking or cladding will require staining, painting and sealing in order to retain its appearance and reach its service life. Not only can this become time-consuming, but it is also costly too.

Composite decking and cladding save money in the long run because you will spend little money maintaining them. Let’s move to composite decking and cladding now so that you know what composite materials are

What Is A Composite Decking?

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Composite decking is a structural material that homeowners use to build decking or patios for their garden space. A decking area is an ideal way to create an extended living space that complements your home and provides an area for relaxation and entertainment. Composite decking is perfect to place furniture on to create an area for dining for you and your family all year round.

If you are looking for different decking ideas, you can take a look at our tips for different decking ideas.

What Is Composite Cladding?

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Composite cladding is similar to composite decking because it is a structural material. The difference between composite cladding and decking is that cladding is designed so that you can arrange it on the wall.

The way cladding is produced with interlocking tongues and grooves makes it possible for the boards to enter one another. When the boards lock together, moisture will not be able to enter between the boards. Therefore, cladding not only provides aesthetic appeal to your exterior space but will protect your exterior building against moisture.

Can Composite Decking Be Used as Cladding?

Although possible, it is not advisable to utilise composite decking as cladding, as it will not provide complete protection against moisture. The composite decking boards will not interlock like cladding because it doesn’t have an interlocking tongue and groove design.

The composite cladding has a rain screen which creates a gap between the exterior wall and the cladding. This rain screen allows air to flow and water to evaporate from the space between the cladding and the wall. So, if you want a durable covering for your wall, you have to use the right material to clad the wall.


Composite decking is a decking material that homeowners use to build their patio, extending their living space for an ideal area to host or relax. Composite cladding is installed on the side of an exterior building or wall to add aesthetic value and protect it from moisture. Here at Ultradecking, we provide both composite decking and cladding to give you the options to best compliment your space.

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