The lifetime worth of composite decking is more than wood. Although composite decking costs more than wood, you don’t have to spend lots of money to maintain your plastic wood decking the way you will maintain wood. Composite decking will save your money and time over the years. That is why folks love using composite decking for flooring their garden. 

Composite Decking Lifetime Worth vs Wood 

To understand why homeowners favour composite decking over wood, you have to consider its attributes and compare it with woods. 

Composite Decking Have Low Maintenance

Maintenance is a must for all building material. Composite decking also requires maintenance like all building materials. Taking care of your composite decking comes in various forms. You can make it clean by removing dirt from it if there are specks of dirt on your plastic wood decking. How you can do that is by using soap and water. 

Although using soap and water depends on the kind of stain that you want to remove, soapy water will work for most stains. If you want to remove grease stains, for example, you should spray the soapy water on the spot and scrub with a soft brush. If it is mould or mildew that you want to remove, you have to use soapy water and a soft brush. That is it for composite decking, and that is why folks value composite decking. 

Timber decking, on the other hand, requires elaborate maintenance. First, you have to scrub it with a brush and soapy water if there is grease or oil stain on its surface. Mould and mildew frequently attack wood decking, unlike composite decking. If you want to remove mould and mildew, you have to scratch the spot first and then scrub the spot with a soft brush and soapy water. That is just normal cleaning. 

At this junction, you might be thinking that there is no difference between wood and composite decking. Let’s consider the differences between timber decking and plastic wood decking. Wood decking requires sanding, sealing, painting and staining in addition to the normal cleaning.

 What this implies is that aside from scrubbing with a brush and soapy water to remove the stain, you have to sand and seal your timber else it will not last. The good news about composite decking is that it does not require sanding, sealing, or staining to last long. And that is why it will last long.

Composite Decking Contains Synthetic Materials

Another reason composite decking’s lifetime worth is higher than wood is that its composition is wood plastics and fibre. The timber and plastics waste that folks have thrown away. Makers of composite decking process the wood dust and plastics in a factory and then convert it to plastic wood decking. 

Composite decking is stronger than wood because of its plastic wood combination. This combination increases its lifetime worth because it makes it a firm and highly durable outdoor flooring material. Timber decking contains only wood fibre. Lumber fibre, as you know, is susceptible to termite attack. 

Also, mould and mildew can destroy your wood decking if you don’t maintain it properly. Although makers of wood decking treat their decking boards with chemicals to make them firm, the timber loses its durability over time.

Composite Decking Is Durable 

That composite decking is durable is another reason its lifetime worth is higher than wood. Just think of it, composite can resist insect attack. Also, composite decking will not splinter or break like wood decking when you expose them to fluctuating temperature. 

If your kids spill water on your composite decking, it will only absorb a little, unlike wood that will absorb much. What this implies is that your composite decking will not swell as a result of water absorption. Also, it will not rot like wood decking that absorbs water.

Composite Decking Colour Will Not Fade

Outdoor decking material that has a long lifetime worth

Plastic wood decking colour will not fade quickly like wood decking. Although composite decking will lose only a little amount of colour during the first four weeks after you install it, the colour will remain stable for years with just minor changes. 

Wood decking, on the other hand, will lose a remarkable amount of colour over time. That is why you have to paint or stain your wood decking to make it look good. Note that paint or stain cost money to purchase. Since you don’t have to buy paint, then you will save your money.

So, you have seen that the lifetime worth of composite decking is more than that of wood. You don’t have to paint, stain, sand, or seal your composite decking like wood. When you think of it, you will realise that it saves money and time.  What this implies is that you will enjoy your plastic wood decking rather than spend your time working on the decking.  


The lifetime worth of composite decking is higher than woods. You don’t have to waste your time and cash maintaining your composite decking like a wood decking. 

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