With pressure-treated timber decking, maintenance costs add up over time when you install the decking in your garden. But with composite decking, you will save your cash because you will spend less on maintenance. Composite wood decking offers a high life worth when you compare it to timber. It is more durable than wood and aesthetically pleasing when you install it in your home. Aside from that, wood-plastic decking will raise the worth of your property better than lumber decking. This write-up looks into the lifetime worth of composite wood decking. 

Note: Lifetime worth can mean different things. Within the context of decking, the lifetime worth of a decking means how well your decking can improve the appearance of your home. Also, it means how your decking enables you to save money that you should have otherwise spend on maintenance. To understand the lifetime worth of your decking, you must consider if the decking is durable. Also, the decking must be aesthetically pleasing with the ability to create a visual impression. 

Composite Wood Decking Will Increase the Worth of Your Home

Installing a decking that will increase the worth of a property is crucial for homeowners that plan to resell the home. Of course, there are several kinds of decking material available, but not all of them add worth to a home. Timber decking does not add as much worth to a home-like composite decking. Wood-plastic composite adds much worth to a property that when homeowners want to sell it, the price will go high. Composite decking increases the worth of a home because it is aesthetically appealing. Also, wood-plastic decking is easy to maintain, which enable decking owners to save money. 

Plastic Wood Decking Is Easy to Maintain

The way decking owners maintain their decking differs according to the decking type. While composite wood is easy to maintain, timber is not. This makes a potential buyer prefer wood-plastic decking more than timber decking. To clean composite decking, you need a cloth and a broom for cleaning the surface. Aside from that, you need a little effort to scrub the surface of your plastic wood decking to remove oil or wine stain. There is no reason to sand wood-plastic decking to make the surface smooth before painting. This is because you don’t have to paint your wood-plastic decking throughout its lifetime. What this implies for homeowner and potential buyers is that wood-plastic decking will help save money over time. 

Composite Wood Decking Will Last Longer

What Is the Lifetime Worth of Composite Wood Decking?

Another lifetime worth of composite wood decking is that it will last longer than lumber. This implies that installing plastic wood decking in your home will guarantee that you enjoy your decking for about 25 years. The lifetime worth of timber is between 10 and 15 years which is not as much as that of plastic wood decking. Composite wood decking will last longer for many reasons. It is resistant to insects and weather. 

Plastic Wood Decking Is Resistant to Insect

Insect like termites and other wood-eating bugs are things that can destroy a decking. Timber does not perform better when exposed to termites. This is because termites will easily eat or attack lumber. Plastic wood decking also contains wood, but it has a plastic covering on its surface that prevents penetration. The plastic prevents termites from eating into the composite board. Since plastic wood decking will last longer, then the lifetime worth is high.

Composite Is Resistant to Weather

Weather elements can easily destroy a decking when you install it outdoor and decrease its lifetime worth. A decking that resists the weather better than others will have a high lifetime worth. Composite decking has plastic protection that keeps excess moisture away from the surface. This prevents moisture from reaching and destroying the decking. That is why plastic wood decking will not swell or rot when you build them outdoors. Unlike timber decking that sag or warp, plastic wood decking will not. Excess heat will not crack or split your plastic wood decking like timber decking. This makes it possible for you to utilise your decking for a long time. 


What is the lifetime worth of composite wood decking? Plastic wood decking is the best flooring material to use if you want to floor your outdoor space. It is aesthetically pleasing and offers more durability than timber. 

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