Building a deck is a big project. You will need a considerable budget and careful planning. Naturally, you’ll want to save as much as possible, especially when buying the materials. 

For the materials, there are a few options that you can choose. One of the most used types is composites. However, some people don’t use composites as they are more expensive than wood.

 But should you use them? Are there cheap composite decking materials?

Why Use Composite Materials? 

There are many reasons why you should consider using composite decking, despite the higher initial price. While wood is cheaper, it can be harder to maintain.

 For instance, you will need to sand, seal, and stain a wooden deck every few years. The cost of using these will pile up over the years. As for composites, you don’t need any of that stuff. 

Another advantage of composite decking is that it can last longer than most wooden decks. Common softwoods can last for 15 years at most, while some hardwoods can last 25 years.

 As for composite decking, it can last for more than 25 years. So the added cost for spending on composites will be worth it. But the question is, what is the most affordable composite decking on the market? 

Most Affordable Composite Decking

Prices of composite decking often change. On average, you can find composites at around £8 to £12. So it can be hard to find the cheapest ones. 

However, there are some tips to find the best deals when looking for composite decking. Here are some of them. 

Brands Matter

With any other product, composite decking materials under big brand names are expensive. Naturally, these trusted brands are at top quality. 

So even if they are slightly more expensive, buying them is an excellent decision. However, some brands can offer cheaper prices with the same quality.

 Such brands include ones that come from companies that are only starting in the composite decking market. You can also find local brands cheaper than ones imported from other countries. 

Types of Composite Decking 

There are many types of composite decking, and each of them has different price points. For instance, a capped composite board can be slightly more expensive than uncapped ones.

 Capped boards have an outer plastic layer that protects the boards from damage. For most boards, the capping covers all sides except the bottom side, to give the boards breathability. 

There are other types of composite decking, such as hollow and solid boards and grooved and ungrooved boards.

capped and uncapped wood plastic decking

Each one of them has advantages and disadvantages over the other.

 Knowing where and when to use them can help you find the best one for you.

Sale and Promotions

You can also find great deals on the internet from time to time. In some cases, companies have promotions and sales that you can take advantage of.

 You may find the best deals during these times. Prices of the boards also often drop during non-peak seasons. 

Next time you decide to build a deck, consider buying the materials during wintertime or during sale season, as there is little to no demand for decking materials during that time. 

Other Ways to Reduce Cost 

Aside from buying cheap materials, there are a few other ways to reduce your spending when building a composite deck. 

For instance, if you have experience in construction, you can attempt to build the deck all by yourself.

 While it may be complicated for beginners, there are hundreds of guides that you can find and follow on the internet. 

Alternatively, you can ask someone who has the experience to help you. All you need is the materials and some muscle grease. 

As previously mentioned, it’s also an excellent idea to build a deck during off-seasons, which is usually during the winter. 

Since fewer people are working on their decks, both the price of the materials and contractor fees can be cheaper during these times. 


The most affordable composite decking is one that matches your budget. Getting an affordable composite decking is easy. All you have to do is sort the best deal.

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