If you want to build an outdoor patio, there are several materials that you can use. One of the materials you can use to build a patio is timber decking. Another material that you can use to build your patio is composite decking. You can also use plastic or PVC decking for the task. Each of these patio materials has its advantages that make them unique. Composite boards are beautiful and fade resistant. Wood decking has the traditional looks of timber, while plastic decking is easy to install. But using any of these decking materials come with a price. That is why homeowners want the most cost-effective decking. 

Which Decking Is the Most Cost-effective?

When homeowners speak of cost-effective decking, they speak of decking that won’t break the pocket. What this infers is a decking that is not too expensive. The different types of decking we mentioned before have their prices. Some decking is cheaper while others are more expensive. Which cost-effective decking material should homeowners go for?

Wood Decking

The first outdoor patio material on our list is timber or wood decking. This decking type is cost-effective decking at first when you compare it with wood-plastic or PVC decking. You can get timber decking for £15 per board. That depends on the type of timber decking, of course. So, if you want to build your outdoor patio with wood decking, you will not spend much on the project. 

But timber decking comes with its disadvantages. The amount you will spend to maintain your timber is more than what you will spend to take care of composite boards. You have to purchase the paint or stain that you will use to maintain your timber decking. Also, You have to seal your timber decking aside from painting to make it last longer. In a span of 5 years, you will spend up to £1500 to maintain your timber decking.

 Aside from maintenance, wood decking is not attractive. This is one reason homeowners must paint or stain their to change the look. Painting timber will only change the look for some time. After you have installed it, the timber fencing will fade under the UV of the sun. 

Composite Decking

Cost effective composite decking

Another decking type of cost-effective decking that you can use for your outdoor patio is composite decking. This patio material carries more value than timber decking. Although composite decking upfront price is more than wood, homeowners are still using this decking material. You can get wood-plastic composite for £20 – £25 per board which is slightly more than the price you will purchase timber decking. 

The advantage of wood-plastic composite is that it lasts longer than timber. This implies that when you build your patio with WPC boards, it will last for 20 or 25 years, depending on the grade or WPC your purchase. Unlike timber patio material that requires painting or stain, composite wood doesn’t. It makers coat the boards with pigment when making it. The pigment of composite wood will not fade rapidly like that of timber. 

That is why you don’t have to paint or stain your composite wood decking. If you are prospecting for decking that you can maintain easily, composite wood is the right option. With a cloth, you can wipe your composite wood decking clean. Also, you can scrub your composite wood decking with a brush to remove mould or stain. Doing the task of maintaining composite wood is easy and will not take much of your time. 

Wood-plastic composite is attractive. You can get several colours of plastic wood boards when you are installing your decking. WPC decking will also resist the elements better than timber decking. This implies that WPC will not warp or break when you install it. 

Plastic or PVC Decking

Like wood-plastic composite, PVC decking is a durable and cost-effective decking material. The cost of PVC decking is £20 per board, depending on the brand that you purchase. 

Using PVC decking to build your patio will ensure that you have long-lasting decking. The difference between PVC and composite is the aesthetic value. Wood-plastic composite is more attractive than plastic decking. Also, wood-plastic decking will resist the elements better than plastic. 

So, if you want to choose the best material for your patio, you should not just consider the price, but you should also consider durability. Composite decking appears not to be cost-effective at first, but if you consider maintenance, you will discover that it is cost-effective.


If you want a cost-effective decking material, you should consider composite decking because it is easy to maintain and will last longer than timber decking.

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