Wood-polymer decking lasts longer than timber decking. Homeowners that have used composite decking before can testify to that. Progress in technology has led to the creation of newer composite wood decking boards. This modern polymer-wood decking has improved performance that makes it better than the old-generation decking. One of those enhanced performances is the lifespan of the decking. Makers of plastic wood decking guarantee that their products will last long. Their composite wood products also come with a warranty that assures homeowners that they will last long. So, what is the warranty on composite decking products in the UK?

Composite Decking Products Warranty 

Composite decking products will outlive other decking materials. True, but the lifespan of wood-polymer decking differs according to the brand. Most composite decking suppliers will guarantee that their product will last for 25 years, while others will guarantee that it will last for 30 years. Composite warehouses have two grades of composite decking. The first is the Timeless collections, while the other is the essential collections. These two composite decking boards have different warranties. 

UK homeowners that desire to install composite decking in their garden should choose their product carefully. The warranty on a composite product should be one of the factors you should consider before purchasing it. It is because the warranty can determine how long you will enjoy your polymer-wood decking. The timeless collection sold by Compositewarehous has a long lifespan of 25 years. When you install a deck in the UK, which lasts for 25 years, it will offer value for the cash you spent on it. The other type of plastic wood decking sold by 

Compositewarehouse is an essential collection that has a warranty of 15 years. The grade of plastic wood decking determines the lifespan and the warranty placed on it. But the lowest grade of composite decking has a lifespan that is longer than timber decking. That your composite decking has a long warranty does not determine that it is always covered. Let’s consider factors that can void a plastic wood decking warranty.

What Does Composite Decking Products Warranty Cover?

Composite decking warranty

The warranty makers of composite decking products placed on their products cover any structural damage that occurs during the period of the warranty. Structural damages resulting from fungal decay such as mould and mildew growing on a decking are covered by the warranty. Also, plastic wood products damages that occur from termites and other insects are covered by the warranty. Other damages your decking warranty cover are rot due to moisture absorption, splitting or splintering. 

Wood-polymer decking colour does not fade rapidly, but if your decking loses its colour quickly and fades, the warranty covers it. If you notice any of those faults within the warranty period, you can notify your composite decking supplier. The decking supplier will investigate the damage on your patio, and if the decking is at fault, they will replace it for you. 

Maintaining Your Composite Decking Warranty in the UK

Engineers make composite decking last long, but that does not mean that it will. Under normal use, plastic wood decking will last long. If homeowners install their wood-plastic decking properly following best practices, the boards will last long. But if the wood-plastic decking collapses due to not installing the frame well, the manufacturer is not liable for the damage. And the damaged plastic wood decking will not be replaced.

 So, improper installation of plastic wood decking and maintenance leading to the growth and spread of mould and mildew and structural damages can void the warranty on decking. Other things that can void the guarantee of your plastic wood decking are acts of God like earthquakes or any other environmental hazards. Placing heavy weight on your composite decking or failure to remove ice or snow from the top of your decking leading to collapse can void the decking warranty. 

Improper handling of composite decking boards during transportation and storage can void the warranty of the decking. Painting your composite decking products to a colour different from the factory installed can void the guarantee on the surface texture. Improper handling of composite decking products leading to scratch can void the manufacturer’s warranty on the decking.


What is the warranty on composite decking products in the UK? Depending on the range of composite decking you purchase and how you handle and maintain it, composite decking can have a warranty of 15- 25 years.

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