If you have decided to paint your composite decking, you can go ahead with it. Although painting composite decking is not the best thing for homeowners, homeowners can still change their decking colour with good paint. While some plastic wood decking manufactures made it clear that their decking can’t be painted, others recommend painting for an old decking. There are lots of paint available in the market that homeowners can use to rejuvenate the beautiful appearance of old composite decking. The kind of paint that can be applied to composite decking is good latex paint. 

When You Have to Paint Your Composite Decking

If you just purchase your plastic wood decking from a supplier like Compositewarehouse, you don’t have to paint the decking. Most homeowners are not satisfied with the appearance of their decking that they choose to smear the top with a different colour. When you purchase plastic wood decking, the boards come with a warranty that covers the surface colour. Makers of composite decking guarantee that their boards will last long and still retain their beautiful surface pigment. 

Aside from a little colour change resulting from weathering, plastic wood decking colour will last long. Changing the surface pigment of a new composite decking will destroy the beautiful top and void the warranty of the patio. Most composite decking will not even go well with paint. The paint will not stick to the top of the decking when you applied it to it. 

But if you have an old decking in your garden with a faded surface texture, you can easily give it a good painting. Homeowners that have the old generation plastic wood decking installed in their garden and have used it for years will notice a colour change as the decking fade. Aside from that, scratches on the top of your plastic wood decking can warrant painting it. 

Paint that Can Be Applied to Composite Decking

Since composite decking is a high-quality outdoor flooring material, the paint you should apply to the top should be high-quality. Plastic wood decking will last longer, and so should the paint that you applied to the surface. Most paint looks good on a decking surface, but won’t last long. 

The sun’s UV rays will quickly destroy the surface texture of your plastic wood decking if you use low-quality paint. High-quality latex paint is the best paint that can be applied to composite decking. It is because the surface texture will resist the UV rays of the sun. Also, good latex paint will have a thick layer that will resist scratches when you walk on its surface. 

How to Paint Your Composite Decking

Kind of paint to apply on composite decking

If you have decided to paint your plastic wood decking, you need to get the materials you will use. You need to purchase the decking latex paint from a store. Also, you need a good brush to apply the paint on your decking. To achieve a beautiful finish on your decking, you need to use an acrylic latex exterior primer and a latex semi-gloss or satin finish. 

Clean Your Decking Before Applying the Paint

Before you stain or paint your composite decking, you have to ensure that dirt is not on the surface. You can do that by cleaning the top with a water hose, and brushing is necessary. Cleaning your decking will also help you to remove mould and mildew from the surface. You might find it necessary to use a brush to scrub the top of your decking if you discover grease or mould. To start with cleaning the decking, you should get a hose and spray the top to remove dirt. After, you can scrub your plastic wood decking surface to ensure that not sticky stain is present. Then you should leave your plastic wood decking to dry. 

Apply the Paint

Now that your composite decking is clean, you should open your latex paint and pour the content into a bucket. Apply the latex primer first to the top of your plastic wood decking. You will need a long brush, which you can get by adding a long stick to it. After applying the primer, you can apply the semi-gloss latex paint and let your decking dry. 


What kind of paint can be applied to composite decking? You should apply high-quality latex paint to the top of your composite decking if you decide to change the colour. 

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