Installing a decking in your garden comes with lots of benefits. One benefit garden owners will derive when they build a deck is having extra space for their outdoor activities. Aside from that, garden owners will add beauty to their yard when they install beautiful decking boards. The benefits you will get from decking depends on the kind of material you use. This write-up explains what material is best for garden decking, and examine the various outdoor flooring solution like composite decking and PVC available to homeowners. 

Composite Decking for Garden Flooring

Your garden needs good flooring to make it better and create space for your activities. One material homeowners can use to floor their yard is composite. This outdoor flooring material is considered the best garden decking. To understand why wood-plastic composite is the perfect solution for your outdoor flooring, let’s consider its attributes.

Composite Decking Will Last Longer in Your Garden

You will get what you pay for when you install composite decking in your garden. This is because plastic wood decking offer value for the money. When you construct your decking with composite, you can be assured that you will use it for a long time. Garden owners that have to install wood-plastic composite have used it for more than 20 years. Some wood-plastic decking brands last longer, making you use them for up to 30 years. 

To fully understand the benefits of a plastic wood decking longer lifespan, let’s compare it with wood deck lifespan. Timber decking has a shorter lifespan of 10 to 15 years. It implies that after 15 years, you will have to replace the rotten timber decking. This process of replacing lumber decking will cost more for garden owners. Composite does not need replacement until you have used it for 30 years. This will enable garden owners to save money. 

Composite Decking Add Beauty in Your Garden

What Material Is Best for Garden Decking?

If you desire to create beautiful scenery in your garden, composite decking is the right outdoor flooring solution. With plastic wood decking, garden owners can create a beautiful theme in their yard. When you go to a wood-plastic decking supplier, you will have the choice of selecting various colours. If you prefer a green deck, you will have your choice. Also, garden owners that want grey, brown and light, or dark-coloured decking can select what they want. With composite wood decking, you can create a theme in your garden. This is possible if you install fencing, cladding and decking. If your fencing and cladding colour is grey, you can install grey decking. 

Maintenance Is Easy with Composite Decking

You install decking in your garden so that you will use it every day. Using your decking will make the surface dirty. If you have kids, they can play on your plastic wood decking and even dirty the top. Also, when you walk on your decking, your feet can put mud or dust on them. When this occurs, cleaning your decking is a must to make the surface attractive. But how you clean a decking depends on the kind of deck you install. 

Wood-plastic composite decking is easy to clean. In fact, composite decking is one of the easiest outdoor flooring materials to clean. All garden owners need is a cloth or broom, and if the decking surface has stubborn dirt, they will need a brush. No sanding, staining or sealing wood-plastic composite decking surface during maintenance. This shows that composite decking is one of the best materials for garden decking. 

Plastic or PVC Decking

Another material that is close to composite decking in terms of beauty and easy maintenance is plastic decking. PVC decking is made from plastic or PVC material and provides a better outdoor flooring solution than timber decking. 

PVC Decking Will Last Longer

Like composite decking, plastic decking will last longer. It is because PVC decking is not susceptible to the elements of nature like timber. When you install PVC decking, you will use it for as long as 20 years. The lifespan of a plastic deck is closer to composite decking, but composite is more resistant to the elements than plastic. 

Plastic Decking Is Attractive

Another feature of plastic decking is that it is attractive and provide a beautiful space for garden owners to enjoy fun activities. Like the composite deck, you can select different plastic decking colours. But composite surpasses plastic because of its matte or wood-grain finish that makes it look like timber. 


What material is best for garden decking? Composite decking is the best outdoor flooring for garden decking. The advantages of wood-plastic decking are its long lifespan, aesthetic value and easy maintenance. Second to composite decking is plastic decking. It has a long lifespan and easy maintenance like composite. 

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