If you don’t know the right material you should use to build your decking, keep reading this write-up. Don’t be frustrated; most homeowners are like you at first. But after reading this write-up about decking, you will have more knowledge and select your decking material with ease. For a start, there are several materials that you can use to build your decking. Timber or wood decking is composite decking, while plastic decking is the third common flooring material. You will be able to select the best decking material after reading this write-up. So, what material should I use to build my decking? Let’s discern the answer.

Why Do Homeowners Install Decking in Their Home

Homeowners install decking in their home for several reasons. If you want to take advantage of your outdoor space, you can create a spot where you will relax. Your garden is the perfect spot for relaxation in your home. So, to relax and enjoy the outdoor view in your garden, you need something to sit on. You have to floor the ground to have a good surface structure to relax on.

Instead of using a patio in their garden, homeowners are using decking. Both patio and decking perform the same function, but one is made of concrete paving while the other is made of either wood, composite or plastic. A decking installed in your garden will provide a beautiful spot where you can have a barbecue, relax or have a party with your friends. That is why homeowners install decking in their garden. To create a better outdoor space for their outdoor activities, most especially in their garden.

Which Decking Material to Use

Where there is plenty, selecting the best will be difficult. But with this write-up, we will explain the features of the three most common decking materials. 

Wood or Timber Decking Material

The oldest outdoor decking material is wood decking. Homeowners have been using timber to floor their garden for a long time. If you are thinking about the material you should use in your garden, you might have heard of timber decking. But is timber decking the best outdoor flooring material? Let’s examine wood decking features.


Installing wood decking will expose it to the elements. Such weather elements like rain, heat, the UV of the sun and changing temperature will affect wood. And can destroy timber decking if not maintained properly. This is why the lifespan of timber decking is short. You will use your timber decking for about 15 years. Moisture will affect wood because the surface will absorb water, making it swell and rot. Aside from moisture, heat will make timber decking expand and splinter, break or warp. 


You must consider maintenance when selecting your decking material. Timber decking is not easy to maintain and requires lots of cleaning, sanding, sealing and painting annually. To get your wood decking going, you have to spend a lot. That is why most homeowners don’t see timber decking as economical. 

Aesthetic Value

Installing timber or wood decking in your garden will provide a space for your outdoor activities. But it will not provide much aesthetic value to your outdoor space. You must change the surface colour of timber decking if you don’t want the traditional wood look. This surface pigment will fade rapidly under the sun and requires repainting or staining yearly.

Composite Decking Material

What Material Should I Use to Build My Decking?

Another decking material that is worth mentioning is composite or wood-plastic decking. Unlike timber that is natural wood, composite is a synthetic product made from wood and plastic, which are the constituent.


Installing composite decking will give you the advantage of using it for your outdoor activities. Composite wood decking will last long. Some brands of wood-plastic decking will last for about 25 years, while other brands will last longer. The reason for composite wood decking’s long lifespan is that it resists the elements better than timber and plastic.


Wood-plastic decking or composite decking is easy to maintain. You only need to clean the surface of your composite decking for it to stay shining. No need to stain the surface because the colour will not fade rapidly like that of timber. 

Aesthetic Value

You cannot overlook the aesthetic value of wood-plastic decking. You can select several colours ranging from green, grey, brown and oak composite decking.

Plastic Decking Material

Like wood-plastic composite, plastic decking is a synthetic material that makes it different from timber decking. The features of plastic decking are similar to that of wood-plastic composite. The only difference is the look. Wood-plastic composite can be customised to look like timber, while plastic decking cannot.


What material should I use to build my decking? The best material to use to build your decking is composite decking. This outdoor decking material is durable and resists the elements better than wood and plastic. Also, composite wood decking is easy to maintain with a little cleaning, and it is aesthetically pleasing with lots of colours to choose from.

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