Replacing your wood decking is crucial if the decking is old and damaged. But selecting the best material to replace your wood decking must be done carefully. There are two outdoor flooring alternatives that you can use for your decking project. Composite decking is one material that UK homeowners can use to replace their wood decking. Plastic or PVC decking is another material homeowners can use to replace their timber decking. This write-up resolves the question, what material should I use to replace my wood decking in the UK?

What Are Signs That Indicate You Should Replace Your Wood Decking?

When you install wood decking in your garden and use the decking for some time, it will show some signs that it needs replacement. One of the signs you will observe in your wood decking is swelling. Swelling occurs in timber decking when it absorbs water or moisture. Moisture is present everywhere and can reach the surface of your wood decking when the weather is saturated.

 Water can reach the surface of your wood decking after rainfall or if you install the decking near a pool. The problem with timber decking is the surface is not impervious to moisture or water. It absorbs moisture and swells, leading to other problems. Wood decking will also break or crack if it absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Breaking occurs when the heat of the sun rapidly removes the moisture wood decking absorbs. 

Another sign that your timber decking might need replacement is if you discover that the boards sag. Sagging occurs as a result of heat acting on your wood decking surface. Heat makes an outdoor decking expand and contract. The expansion will make wood decking sag and destroy the boards.

Using Composite Decking to Replace Your Wood Decking

The best material the UK homeowners can use to replace their wood decking is composite decking. This outdoor patio material replaces timber perfectly because it won’t sag, crack, break or warp. 

What Is Composite Decking?

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Homeowners and engineers will define composite decking differently. While homeowners see composite decking as a long-lasting flooring material, engineers see it as a composite or a durable product. From a homeowner’s perspective, composite decking is an outdoor flooring material that lasts longer than wood and adds aesthetic value to your home. 

Engineers see it as a material that is made strong by combining two constituents – wood and plastic. The middle ground between the way homeowners see composite decking and engineers is that composite decking is a strong decking material that will last long. So we can safely define composite wood decking as a synthetic outdoor flooring material designed to last longer because it is extra durable than timber.

Why Composite Decking Stand Fit to Replace Wood Decking in the UK

Replacing your wood decking with composite decking if you are in the UK is the best option. Plastic wood decking stands fit to replace timber because of its advantages. 


Durability is one advantage of composite wood decking that makes it stand fit to replace timber. We mentioned before that moisture or water from the atmosphere would make wood decking less durable. That is true because wood decking absorbs moisture to the point of swelling, and when timber swells, it will rot. The fair side of composite wood decking is that it will not absorb water or moisture. 

This translates to a longer lifespan because it will resist the elements better than wood. The durability of composite wood decking also ensures that you use the decking for a long time. Some homeowners have installed plastic wood decking in their homes and used it for more than ten years without any damage. There is a guarantee that you will use your plastic wood decking for 25 years.

Easy Maintenance

Another reason composite decking stands fit to replace wood decking is that it is easy to maintain. Homeowners in the UK will find their plastic wood decking easier to maintain than timber when they install it. You just have to use a cloth to wipe the top of your plastic wood decking, and then the surface will be clean again. With wood-plastic composite, no need to sand the surface of the decking. Also, no need to paint your wood plastic composite decking.


What material should I use to replace my wood decking in the UK? The right material you should use to replace your wood decking in the UK is composite decking. Homeowners love composite wood decking because it is strong and long-lasting.

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