After installing composite decking boards in your garden, you might have leftovers. When building your composite wood decking, It is always good to purchase enough boards. It will be a shame to throw your leftover plastic wood decking boards away. Homeowners who have taken their time to select wood-plastic will know that throwing the spare boards away is not an option. Some have become creative by converting their leftover composite decking into other garden structures like benches, bird cages and flower pots. So, what should I do with leftover composite decking boards? There are many options regarding using their leftover boards that homeowners can explore.

Using Your Leftover Decking Boards

If you discover that you have some composite decking boards remaining after installing your decking, you can be creative with them. Instead of throwing the leftover boards away and wasting your time and cash, you can simply convert the boards into other garden materials. Composite wood decking has an attractive surface texture that will be transmitted to whatever structure you built with the leftover board. This means that using the remaining plastic wood decking boards in your garden will make it beautiful. There are several structures that homeowners can build with their composite boards. One of them is garden benches. Another garden structure is the decking planter. Others are birdhouse and garden shade.

Make a Garden Bench with Leftover Decking Boards 

Build table and chairs with leftover composite decking

Garden benches are good because they enable you to relax in your garden without standing. You can position your garden benches anywhere on your lawn for the shade of a tree to the side of your home. Homeowners can also build their garden benches under a shade they have created in their yard. This will provide a sitting surface while the shade protects them from the sun. The material homeowners used to make their garden benches matters. While wood is the most common material to build a bench, timber will eventually rot. 

This is due to fixing the timber bench in the open and exposing it to weather elements. Termites will also attack timber benches if you install them in your garden. The best material you can use to build your garden benches is composite boards. So, you should not throw your leftover composite decking away but use it to make your garden bench. Using plastic wood decking will transfer its attributes to your bench. 

Since composite decking last longer, your benches will also last long. Also, your bench will have an attractive surface because of the composite material you use to make it. If you desire to add a table and other furniture to the top of your decking, the best material to use is your leftover boards. Your table will not splinter like a timber table, and it will not rot because it is made of composite materials. 

Make a Garden Shed with Your Leftover Composite Decking

A garden shed is a small building in your garden where you can put things. Garden sheds help homeowners organise their gardens. So, instead of leaving things like tools around your garden, you can put them in your shed. The right materials you can use to make your shed is composite wood decking. So, use part of your leftover composite boards to build your garden shed. This will make the shed to be strong and endure the elements of weather. Your shed will not splinter or crack. And the beautiful colours of your composite boards will make your shed attractive.

Build Decking Planters with Composite Decking

Another way homeowners can use their leftover composite decking boards is to make planters. Composite decking planters will look good when you place them on your decking. Also, composite wood dealing planters will last longer, resisting the elements of nature. Wood planters will rot when you water the plants every day, but composite decking will resist water and will not rot. The capped surface texture of plastic wood decking will not make water infiltrate the surface.

Build Bird Box with Your Leftover Decking

Building a bird box with your leftover composite boards is another way to be creative instead of throwing the remaining decking away. A plastic wood decking board cage will add beauty to your garden.


What should I do with leftover composite decking boards? You can build benches and tables, birdcages and planters with your leftover or remaining wood-plastic composite boards.

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