When purchasing composite decking, you have to look for the best brand in the market.

Also, you have to check the warranty of the composite decking, the decking colour, and the decking type.

All these will be considered after you have known what is a composite decking.

Composite decking can be described as synthetic building materials that are made with wood and plastic.

There are good suppliers of composite decking, selling different types of decking. 

This poses the challenge of choosing the right decking for your need.

The ‘right decking’, as used here does not mean that some brands of composite decking are not good. Rather, it means a decking type that will match ‘the spot’ you want to put it. 

Despite the fact that there are various composite decking, they still share some similarities.

One of the attributes of composite decking is that they are durable and strong.

What this means is that composite decking can tolerate different types of weather and withstand the pressure of your weight. 

You can hold an outdoor party with your buddies on your composite decking and be sure that the decks will not get damaged.

Also, when exposed to the burning rays of the sun, your composite deck color will not fade like other building materials. 

Another characteristic of composite decking is that they can’t be devoured by insects. And they will not develop mould or blight if maintained appropriately. 

All these attributes have made composite decking much sorted after. And have led to the demand for different types of composite decks.

Different types of composite decking mean that you have to consider what is best for you before buying the decks.

When Buying Composite Decking

There are things that you must consider when purchasing composite decking.

Think of where You Will Put the Decking

This is the first thing to consider before purchasing composite decking.

Where you will put the decking determined the size of the project. And affect the number of decking boards that you will purchase. 

This is because the bigger the size, in terms of square feet, the more composite decks you will buy.

Also, you might have to plant a shade to prevent the sun’s rays from reaching it so that you can have fun during summer. 

Decking Type

The type of composite deck that you buy matters, and it is because they come with their usefulness.

Capped and Uncapped Decking

For example, there are the capped and uncapped composite decks available in the market.

A capped composite deck is covered with plastics, while the uncapped one does not have the plastic finish. 

What it means is that you can install capped composite decks where the decks will come in contact with water.

An uncapped composite deck is not the right choice for that kind of location. 

Grooved and Ungrooved Decking

Aside from capped and uncapped composite decks, there are the grooved and ungrooved composite decks.

The difference between the two is that one can be installed with a hidden fastener. The other is good for surface fasteners. 

purchasing outdoor decking

Grooved composite decks have hollow at the sides and can be installed with a hidden fastener. The other is the opposite, and it requires screws or nails for installation.

Deck Color

Composite decks are finished in various colours that make them beautiful. You can pick any type of colour that you want. Note that where you will install the deck might determine the colour. 

This is because dark-colored composite decks are not good in spaces that are exposed to the sun.

If you install them under direct sunlight, they will heat up quickly, and you will find it difficult to walk on them. 

The best option for an exposed location is a light-colored deck.

Also, if you prefer the wood look of the wood decking, you can purchase composite decking that has the wood texture finish.


Composite decks are made so that they will last for as long as you want. But, they can be damaged by things beyond your control.

  That is why it is important to check the maker warranty to see how many years it covers.

Some makers give a warranty of between 25 – 30 years. So be sure to choose a brand that has an extended warranty.


So, when purchasing composite decking, you have to look for a good board type. You have to consider the warranty and the quality of the composite decking.