Are you ready to install artificial grass on your lawn? If you are, you might want to know more about it to select the best turf. Homeowners are installing artificial grass to add beauty to their lawns and provide a soft surface for them to walk on. But selecting the best artificial grass in the UK can be difficult. This is because there are many brands of artificial turf, and each has its variety. So, what should I look for when purchasing synthetic turf? This write-up provides the answer to that question. It helps homeowners select synthetic grass based on usage, aesthetics and durability. 

What Is Synthetic Turf?

In the 1960s, engineers began making synthetic turf to replace natural carpet grass. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Natural carpet grass is not easy to maintain. To make your carpet grass grow, you must use fertilizer. After spraying fertilizer, you must wet the grass with water. If homeowners fail to care for their natural carpet grass, it will gradually die off. The desire for a new type of grass that requires less maintenance prompt experts to start making synthetic turf. There are different types of artificial turf, and the difference is based on the materials used to make them. Some of the materials used to make artificial grass are polyethene, polypropylene and nylon, of which nylon is the strongest. Like most synthetic products, artificial grass is made in a factory where the plastic or nylon is processed and mixed with colour and UV inhibitors and then heated. When the grass is ready, it will be cut into size and sold as synthetic grass. Now that we understand what synthetic turf is, let’s examine how to select the best for your lawn. 

What to Consider when Buying Artificial Grass?

There are things homeowners should consider when purchasing synthetic turf. You can select your artificial grass based on usage, aesthetic and lifespan. 

Select Your Synthetic Turf Based on Usage

The use of your artificial grass matters. Before buying your synthetic turf, you must know where you will install it and what you will use it for. Do you plan to install synthetic turf in your backyard and use it for outdoor parties? Or, do you plan to install artificial turf on your children’s playground? Where you want to install your synthetic turf matters. This is because a place with high foot traffic, like a school or public buildings, can affect your grass. If you use your lawn regularly for outdoor activities, you should select synthetic turf with a short pile height. Shorter blades of artificial grass perform well in heavy foot traffic than longer blades. If you use your lawn occasionally, you might consider purchasing longer blades of artificial turf. 

Select Your Synthetic Turf Based on Aesthetic

Another thing to look for when purchasing synthetic turf is the aesthetic. Artificial grass adds beauty to a lawn, but the extent depends on the type you select. The most common synthetic turf colour is green. But there are different shades of green that homeowners can select. Property owners can select dark green, light green and turf with dark green backing and light green blades. This means that you can customize your synthetic turf by colour. 

Aside from green artificial turf, there is yellow, red and blue. Yellow synthetic turf is perfect for indoor decoration. You can use it in place of a rug to design your home interior. The same goes for blue and red artificial grass carpets. So if you want colourful scenery in your garden, you can customize it with yellow synthetic grass. Another advantage of artificial grass is that you can mix red, blue, yellow and green on your lawn. You can use yellow artificial turf to mark a different spot from the rest of your lawn. 

What should I look for when purchasing synthetic turf

Consider the Lifespan of Your Synthetic Turf

Another thing to look for when purchasing synthetic turf is its lifespan. Since artificial grass is made of different materials; polyethene, polypropylene and nylon, and those materials are stronger than others, it is expected that they will last longer than the other. So, you should ensure that the synthetic turf you select will last longer than ten years, which is the average lifespan of turf. Aside from lifespan, you should consider how resilient the blades of your artificial grass are. 


What should I look for when purchasing synthetic turf? When buying artificial grass carpets, you should consider their use, aesthetics and lifespan. This will enable you to select the best synthetic turf for your outdoor activities.

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