Building a composite decking in your garden is a great way to make it look attractive. The fair side of composite decking is that it will last longer than timber or PVC decking. But for plastic wood decking to last long, the decking installer must build it the right way. Since decking installers need extra cash to hire, most homeowners decide to install their patio themselves. Homeowners that want to build their patio themselves must follow best practices so that it will last long. The frame or the substructure of your decking must be strong. So, what should I use as my composite decking frame?

What Is Composite Decking?

For homeowners that want a beautiful patio in their yard, composite decking is the solution. This outdoor patio is strong and durable because it is a synthetic material. Aside from that, wood-plastic composite adds aesthetic value to anywhere it is installed. This synthetic material contains wood and plastic as its components. The components are combined with a bonding agent and heater in a factory till it forms plastic wood decking. 

Building Composite Decking

The first phase to erecting composite decking is to purchase the boards in

the market. There are numerous sorts of plastic wood decking boards that homeowners can purchase. There are the grooved boards and the ungrooved boards. Purchasing the right wood-plastic composite boards is crucial if you want to achieve a clean finish after you have built your decking. For homeowners that desire a finer look on their decking, grooved boards are the deal. Ungrooved plastic wood decking is cheaper but doesn’t provide a finer finish because of its installation method. 

Homeowners that are low on budget can choose ungrooved plastic wood decking. After acquiring the composite boards, homeowners can then prepare to install their patio. The best thing homeowners should do is to hire a decking installer. Although decking installers will charge to build your patio for you, it is worth it. But homeowners that have carpentry skills can install their plastic wood decking themselves. Note that to succeed in installing your patio, you must possess at least some carpentry skills. And utilised the right decking material.  

What to Use as Your Decking Frame

Composite decking frame

The frame of your plastic wood decking matters. This is what will hold your patio and lift it from the ground. Most decking installers and homeowners will use any material to build their decking frame. But using any material to build your decking frame isn’t good enough. For your patio to last longer, you have to install the frame correctly. There are several materials homeowners can use as their decking frame. Timber is the most common decking frame material. And timber is readily available. 

But using timber with composite decking does not guarantee that the decking will last long. Remember that composite patio material will outlive wood. If homeowners use timber as their decking frame, then the composite decking on top will outlive the timber below. This will lead to a tumble of the decking. Most homeowners have used treated timber to build their decking frames. But eventually, treated timber will lose its strength and collapse. Insects like termites will consume treated timber with time, and the element of weather will destroy treated timber. 

The best material homeowners should use to build their decking frame is composite boards. Using composite boards as the frame of your decking instead of timber will complement the decking on top. Plastic wood boards have a long lifespan and will last as long as the composite decking is laid on top. 

How to Build Your Decking Frame

To build your decking frame, you must clear the area. The area is where you will install your plastic wood decking. Homeowners can install their plastic wood decking anywhere on their property. But using composite decking in your garden will provide where you can relax. After clearing the area, you can put the posts in the holes and cover the holes with cement. Then you should build the frame. Attach a composite board to the posts until you have covered everything. After, build the joists with composite boards until you have finished the frame. Lay your composite decking on your finished frame. Ensure that you space your wood-plastic composite decking properly.


What should I use as my composite decking frame? For your decking frame, you should use composite decking boards. They will last longer than limber boards and will make you use your decking for a long time.

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